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2023Analysis of contra-rotating brushless integrated flux-modulation machine with open-slot structure for wind power generationCao, Libing; Yang, Guanghui; Zuo, Yuefei; He Yaojie; Zhao, Chenhao; Xie, Shuangchun; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022Comparative study and design optimization of a dual-mechanical-port electric machine for hybrid electric vehicle applicationsChen, Hao; El-Refaie, Ayman M.; Zuo, Yuefei; Cai, Shun; Cao, Libing; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
 2023Comparative study of permanent-magnet vernier motor and interior permanent-magnet motor for hybrid electric vehiclesCao, Libing; Zuo, Yuefei; Xie, Shuangchun; Hoang, Chi Cuong; Han, Boon Siew; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
 2023Decoupling analysis of brushless dual-mechanical-port dual-electrical-port machinesCao, Libing; Zhou, You; Yang, Guanghui; He, Yaojie; Xie, Shuangchun; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022A new hybrid concentrated-winding concept with improved power factor for permanent magnet vernier machineXie, Shuangchun; Cai, Shun; Zuo, Yuefei; Cao, Libing; Zhu, Jingwei; Li, An; Yan, Yuming; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2022Quantitative comparison on permanent-magnet vernier machines with improved flux modulation effect for automatic guided vehiclesCao, Libing; Zuo, Yuefei; Chen, Hao; Xie, Shuangchun; Han, Boon Siew; Hoang, Chi Cuong; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
2023A two degree-of-freedom rotary-linear machine with transverse-flux structureHe, Yaojie; Chen, Jiahao; Zhou, You; Cao, Libing; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin