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 2021Challenges of THP-AD centrate treatment using partial nitritation-anammox (PN/A) - inhibition, biomass washout, low alkalinity, recalcitrant and moreCao, Shenbin; Yan, Wangwang; Yu, Lei; Zhang, Liang; Lay, Winson; Zhou, Yan
2019Characterization of the refractory dissolved organic matters (rDOM) in sludge alkaline fermentation liquid driven denitrification : effect of HRT on their fate and transformationCao, Shenbin; Sun, Faqian; Lu, Dan; Zhou, Yan
 2021Insights into thermal hydrolyzed sludge liquor - identification of plant-growth-promoting compoundsLu, Dan; Qian, Tingting; Le, Chencheng; Pan, Chaozhi; Cao, Shenbin; Ng, Wun Jern; Zhou, Yan
 2022Integrated thermal hydrolysis pretreated anaerobic digestion centrate and municipal wastewater treatment via partial nitritation/anammox process: a promising approach to alleviate inhibitory effects and enhance nitrogen removalCao, Shenbin; Du, Rui; Zhou, Yan
 2020Liquid and solids separation for target resource recovery from thermal hydrolyzed sludgeLu, Dan; Wu, Dan; Qian, Tingting; Jiang, Jiankai; Cao, Shenbin; Zhou, Yan
 2021Metagenomic insights into the effect of thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment on microbial community of an anaerobic digestion systemZhang, Liang ; Gong, Xianzhe; Wang, Li; Guo, Kun; Cao, Shenbin; Zhou, Yan
 2022Mitigation of inhibitory effect of THP-AD centrate on partial nitritation and anammox: insights into ozone pretreatmentCao, Shenbin; Du, Rui; Yan, Wangwang; Zhou, Yan
 2022NOB suppression strategies in a mainstream membrane aerated biofilm reactor under exceptionally low lumen pressureChen, Rongfen; Cao, Shenbin; Zhang, Liang; Zhou, Yan
 2020Organics transformation and energy production potential in a high rate A-stage system: a demo-scale studyCao, Shenbin; Lu, Dan; Phua, KianMing; Yan, Wangwang; Le, Chencheng; Tao, Guihe; Zhou, Yan