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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Acceptability and feasibility of a pilot randomized controlled trial of Narrative e-Writing Intervention (NeW-I) for parent-caregivers of children with chronic life-threatening illnesses in SingaporeDutta, Oindrila; Tan-Ho, Geraldine; Low, Casuarine Xinyi; Tan, Benny Toh Hsiang; Ganapathy, Sashikumar; Car, Josip; Ho, Ringo Moon-Ho; Miao, Chunyan; Ho, Andy Hau Yan
2020Activity tracker-based metrics as digital markers of cardiometabolic health in working adults : cross-sectional studyRykov, Yuri; Thach, Thuan-Quoc; Dunleavy, Gerard; Roberts, Adam Charles; Christopoulos, George I.; Soh, Chee-Kiong; Car, Josip
 2019Appropriateness of action prompts for hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes self-management appsLum, Elaine; Jimenez, Geronimo; Huang, Zhilian; Thai, Linh; Car, Josip
2015Are primary care factors associated with hospital episodes for adverse drug reactions? A national observational studyMcKay, Ailsa J; Newson, Roger B; Soljak, Michael; Riboli, Elio; Car, Josip; Majeed, Azeem
2020Association between shift work and poor sleep quality in an Asian multi-ethnic working population : a cross-sectional studyThach, Thuan-Quoc; Mahirah, Dhiya; Dunleavy, Gerard; Zhang, Yichi; Nazeha, Nuraini; Rykov, Yuri; Nah, Audrey; Roberts, Adam Charles; Christopoulos, George I.; Soh, Chee-Kiong; Car, Josip
 2020Associations between health-related quality of life and health care costs among children with atopic dermatitis and their caregivers: a cross-sectional studyOlsson, Maja; Bajpai, Ram; Yew, Yik Weng; Koh, Mark Jean Aan; Thng, Steven; Car, Josip; Järbrink, Krister
 2020Associations of perceived indoor environmental quality with stress in the workplaceThach, Thuan-Quoc; Mahirah, Dhiya; Sauter, Charlotte; Roberts, Adam Charles; Dunleavy, Gerard; Nazeha, Nuraini; Rykov, Yuri; Zhang, Yichi; Christopoulos, George I.; Soh, Chee Kiong; Car, Josip
2020Associations of social isolation with anxiety and depression during the early COVID-19 pandemic : a survey of older adults in London, UKRobb, Catherine E.; de Jager, Celeste A.; Ahmadi-Abhari, Sara; Giannakopoulou, Parthenia; Udeh-Momoh, Chinedu; McKeand, James; Price, Geraint; Car, Josip; Majeed, Azeem; Ward, Helen; Middleton, Lefkos
 2018Attention and vigilance : a large scale workplace studyRoberts, Adam Charles; Christopoulos, George I.; Yap, Hui-Shan; Car, Josip; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Soh, Chee-Kiong
2016Automated telephone communication systems for preventive healthcare and management of long‐term conditionsPosadzki, Pawel; Mastellos, Nikolaos; Ryan, Rebecca; Pappas, Yannis; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Xiang, Liming; Oldenburg, Brian; Car, Josip; Gunn, Laura H.; Felix, Lambert M.; Julious, Steven A.
2019Beyond the hype of big data and artificial intelligence : building foundations for knowledge and wisdomCar, Josip; Sheikh, Aziz; Wicks, Paul; Williams, Marc S.
2022Clinical information quality of digital health technologies: protocol for an international eDelphi studyFadahunsi, Kayode Philip; Wark, Petra A.; Mastellos, Nikolaos; Gallagher, Joseph; Majeed, Azeem; Car, Josip
2020Collaborative model of care between Orthopaedics and allied healthcare professionals in knee osteoarthritis (CONNACT) : study protocol for an effectiveness-implementation hybrid randomized control trialTan, Bryan Yijia; Pereira, Michelle Jessica; Yang, Su-Yin; Hunter, David J.; Skou, Soren Thorgaard; Thumboo, Julian; Car, Josip
2020Collaborative model of care between Orthopaedics and allied healthcare professionals trial (CONNACT) – a feasibility study in patients with knee osteoarthritis using a mixed method approachTan, Bryan Yijia; Ding, Benjamin Tze Keong; Pereira, Michelle Jessica; Skou, Soren Thorgaard; Thumboo, Julian; Car, Josip
2015Comparison of self-administered survey questionnaire responses collected using mobile apps versus other methodsBelisario, José S Marcano; Jamsek, Jan; Huckvale, Kit; O'Donoghue, John; Morrison, Cecily P; Car, Josip
2018Comparison of text messaging data collection vs face-to-face interviews for public health surveys : a cluster randomized crossover study of care-seeking for childhood pneumonia and diarrhoea in rural Chinavan Velthoven, Michelle Helena; Wang, Wei; Wu, Qiong; Li, Ye; Scherpbier, Robert W; Du, Xiaozhen; Chen, Li; Zhang, Yanfeng; Car, Josip; Rudan, Igor
 2022Competing expectations: advance care planning from the perspectives of doctors and nurses in the South-East Asian contextLall, Priya; Kang, Natalie; Tan, Woan Shin; Dutta, Oindrila; Patinadan, Paul Victor; Low, Chan Kee; Car, Josip; Ho, Andy Hau Yan
2021Complex lifestyle and psychological intervention in knee osteoarthritis: scoping review of randomized controlled trialsTan, Bryan Yijia; Thach, Tivona; Munro, Yasmin Lynda; Skou, Soren Thorgaard; Thumboo, Julian; Car, Josip; Car, Lorainne Tudor
2020Concordance between physician-rated and caregiver-perceived disease severity in children with atopic dermatitis : a cross-sectional studyXu, Xiaomeng; Olsson, Maja; Bajpai, Ram; Aan, Mark Koh Jean; Yew, Yik Weng; Wong, Sharon; Foong, Alice; Thng, Steven; Järbrink, Krister; Car, Josip
2023Conversational agents in health care: expert interviews to inform the definition, classification, and conceptual frameworkMartinengo, Laura; Lin, Xiaowen; Jabir, Ahmad Ishqi; Kowatsch, Tobias; Atun, Rifat; Car, Josip; Car, Lorainne Tudor