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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2016Adsorption assisted double stage cooling and desalination employing silica gel + water and AQSOA-Z02 + water systemsAli, Syed Muztuza; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2020Adsorption characteristics of methyl-functional ligand MOF-801 and water systems: adsorption chiller modelling and performancesHan, Bo; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2016Adsorption cooling cycles: Insights into carbon dioxide adsorption on activated carbonsFan, Wu; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Kayal, Sibnath
 2013Adsorption desalination : an emerging low-cost thermal desalination methodNg, Kim Choon; Thu, Kyaw; Kim, Youngdeuk; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Amy, Gary
 2017Adsorption Kinetics Emulation With Lattice Gas Cellular AutomataSun, Baichuan; Fan, Wu; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2020Advanced cooling heat pump and desalination employing functional UiO-66 (Zr) metal-organic frameworksHan, Bo; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2017Analysis of the novel cross vane expander-compressor : mathematical modelling and experimental studyYap, Ken Shaun; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Chakraborty, Anutosh
2017CO2-assisted compression-adsorption hybrid for cooling and desalinationAli, Syed Muztuza; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Leong, Kai Choong
2014Design and Development of Cryo-Adsorption Chamber for the Measurement of Methane Uptakes on Activated Carbons and MOFsChakraborty, Anutosh; Sun, Baichuan; Ali, Syed Muztuza; Fan, Wu
 2022Evaluation of defect induced surface heterogeneity in Metal-Organic Framework materials with alkali dopants employing adsorption isotherm modellingKayal, Sibnath; Chakraborty, Anutosh
2021Evaluation of energy flow, dissipation and performances for advanced adsorption assisted heat transformation systems : temperature-entropy frameworksHan, Bo; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2023Evaluation on the performances of adsorption desalination employing functionalized metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)Han, Bo; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2012Experimental and theoretical insight of nonisothermal adsorption kinetics for a single component adsorbent–adsorbate systemLoh, Wai Soong; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Saha, Bidyut Baran; Ng, Kim Choon
 2022Experimental investigation for water adsorption characteristics on functionalized MIL-125 (Ti) MOFs: enhanced water transfer and kinetics for heat transformation systemsHan, Bo; Chakraborty, Anutosh
2017Experimental investigation of multi-effect regenerator for desiccant dehumidifier: Effects of various regeneration temperatures and solution flow rates on system performancesDatta, Nirmalya; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Ali, Syed Muztuza; Choo, Fook Hoong
2017Experimental study of isotherms and kinetics for adsorption of water on Aluminium FumarateTeo, How Wei Benjamin; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Kitagawa, Yuji; Kayal, Sibnath
2014Experimental study on the performance of membrane based multi-effect dehumidifier regenerator powered by solar energyChakraborty, Anutosh; Choo, F. H.; KumJa, M; Zhao, K.; Prabu, M.; Li, B.; Dubey, S.; Dass, E. T. M.
 2023Functionalization, protonation and ligand extension on MIL-53 (Al) MOFs to boost water adsorption and thermal energy storage for heat transformationsHan, Bo; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2018Green synthesis and characterization of aluminium fumarate metal-organic framework for heat transformation applicationsKayal, Sibnath; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Teo, Benjamin How Wei
 2022Highly efficient adsorption desalination employing protonated-amino-functionalized MOFsHan, Bo; Chakraborty, Anutosh