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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Activation and failure mechanism of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ air electrode in solid oxide electrolyzer cells under high-current electrolysisPan, Zehua; Liu, Qinglin; Ni, Meng; Lyu, Renzhi; Li, Ping; Chan, Siew Hwa
2011Air-breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cell with flow-through anodeShaegh, Seyed Ali Mousavi; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Chan, Siew Hwa; Zhou, Weijiang
2010An air-breathing microfluidic formic acid fuel cell with a porous planar anode : experimental and numerical investigationsShaegh, Seyed Ali Mousavi; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2012Air-breathing microfluidic fuel cell with fuel reservoirShaegh, Seyed Ali Mousavi; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Chan, Siew Hwa
2016Amino acid modified copper electrodes for the enhanced selective electroreduction of carbon dioxide towards hydrocarbonsXie, Ming Shi; Xia, Bao Yu; Li, Yawei; Yan, Ya; Yang, Yanhui; Sun, Qiang; Chan, Siew Hwa; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
2013Analytical modelling of boiling phase change phenomenon in high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells during warm-up processAbdul Rasheed, Raj Kamal; Ehteshami, Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi; Chan, Siew Hwa
2009Anti-flooding cathode catalyst layer for high performance PEM fuel cellLi, Aidan; Chan, Siew Hwa; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
2022Application of self-adaptive temperature recognition in cold-start of an air-cooled proton exchange membrane fuel cell stackYu, Xianxian; Chang, Huawei; Zhao, Junjie; Tu, Zhengkai; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2019Aqueous tape casting technique for the fabrication of Sc0.1Ce0·01Zr0·89O2+Δ ceramic for electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cellZhou, Juan; Zhang, Lan; Liu, Chao; Pu, Jiangge; Liu, Qinglin; Zhang, Caizhi; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2013Assembly of Pt nanowires into cubelike superstructures supported on aligned carbon nanotubes as highly stable electrocatalystsWu, Renbing; Li, Baosheng; Zhou, Kun; Chan, Siew Hwa; Tey, Ju Nie; Wei, Jun; Li, Lin; Wang, Xu; Wang, Liuying
2017Be12O12 Nano-cage as a Promising Catalyst for CO2 HydrogenationZhu, Haiyan; Li, Yawei; Zhu, Guizhi; Su, Haibin; Chan, Siew Hwa; Sun, Qiang
 2012Carbon nanotube-based materials for fuel cell applicationsLiu, Jilei; Lai, Linfei; Sahoo, Nanda Gopal; Zhou, Weijiang; Shen, Zexiang; Chan, Siew Hwa
2014Chain growth mechanism on bimetallic surfaces for higher alcohol synthesis from syngasWang, Jingbo; Zhang, Xiurong; Sun, Qiang; Chan, Siew Hwa; Su, Haibin
2022A comprehensive review of electrochemical hybrid power supply systems and intelligent energy managements for unmanned aerial vehicles in public servicesZhang, Caizhi; Qiu, Yuqi; Chen, Jiawei; Li, Yuehua; Liu, Zhitao; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Jiujun; Chan, Siew Hwa
2022Decarbonizing natural gas: a review of catalytic decomposition and carbon formation mechanismsTong, Sirui; Miao, Bin; Zhang, Lan; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2005Development of a polymeric micro fuel cell containing laser-micromachined flow channelsChan, Siew Hwa; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Xia, Zetao; Wu, Zhigang
 2019The economic feasibility study of a 100-MW Power-to-Gas plantMiao, Bin; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2022The economics of power generation and energy storage via Solid Oxide Cell and ammoniaMiao, Bin; Zhang, Lan; Wu, Shengwei; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2018Effect of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.3Fe0.8O3-δ air electrode-electrolyte interface on the short-term stability under high-current electrolysis in solid oxide electrolyzer cellsPan, Zehua; Liu, Qinglin; Lyu, Renzhi; Li, Ping; Chan, Siew Hwa
2015Effect of Sr surface segregation of La 0.6 Sr 0.4 Co 0.2 Fe 0.8 O 3 − δ electrode on its electrochemical performance in SOCPan, Zehua; Liu, Qinglin; Zhang, Lan; Zhang, Xiongwen; Chan, Siew Hwa