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2023Co-incidence of BA.1 and BA.2 at the start of Singapore's Omicron wave revealed by community and university campus wastewater surveillanceChua, Desmond Feng Jun; Kim, Se Yeon; Hill, Eric; Cai, Jia Wei; Lee, Wei Lin; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Siti Aisyah Afri Affandi; Kwok, Germaine Wee Chiew; Ng, Weijie; Leifels, Mats; Armas, Federica; Chandra, Franciscus; Chen, Hongjie; Alma, Eric J.; Tay, Martin; Wong, Judith Chui Ching; Ng, Lee Ching; Wuertz, Stefan; Thompson, Janelle Renee
2023Contextualizing wastewater-based surveillance in the COVID-19 vaccination eraArmas, Federica; Chandra, Franciscus; Lee, Wei Lin; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Chen, Hongjie; Xiao, Amy; Leifels, Mats; Wuertz, Stefan; Alm, Eric J.; Thompson, Janelle
2022Gut Ruminococcaceae levels at baseline correlate with risk of antibiotic-associated diarrheaGu, Xiaoqiong; Sim, Jean X. Y.; Lee, Wei Lin; Cui, Liang; Chan, Yvonne F. Z.; Chang, Ega Danu; Teh, Yii Ean; Zhang, An-Ni; Armas, Federica; Chandra, Franciscus; Chen, Hongjie; Zhao, Shijie; Lee, Zhanyi; Thompson, Janelle; Ooi, Eng Eong; Low, Jenny G.; Alm, Eric J.; Kalimuddin, Shirin
 2022Making waves: wastewater surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in an endemic futureWu, Fuqing; Lee, Wei Lin; Chen, Hongjie; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Chandra, Franciscus; Armas, Federica; Xiao, Amy; Leifels, Mats; Rhode, Steven F.; Wuertz, Stefan; Thompson, Janelle; Alm, Eric J.
2022Metrics to relate COVID-19 wastewater data to clinical testing dynamicsXiao, Amy; Wu, Fuqing; Bushman, Mary; Zhang, Jianbo; Imakaev, Maxim; Chai, Peter R.; Duvallet, Claire; Endo, Noriko; Erickson, Timothy B.; Armas, Federica; Arnold, Brian; Chen, Hongjie; Chandra, Franciscus; Ghaeli, Newsha; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Hanage, William P.; Lee, Wei Lin; Matus, Mariana; McElroy, Kyle A.; Moniz, Katya; Rhode, Steven F.; Thompson, Janelle; Alm, Eric J.
 2022Monitoring human arboviral diseases through wastewater surveillance: challenges, progress and future opportunitiesLee, Wei Lin; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Armas, Federica; Leifels, Mats; Wu, Fuqing; Chandra, Franciscus; Chua, Desmond Feng Jun; Syenina, Ayesa; Chen, Hongjie; Cheng, Dan; Ooi, Eng Eong; Wuertz, Stefan; Alm, Eric J.; Thompson, Janelle
 2021Persistence of dengue (serotypes 2 and 3), Zika, yellow fever, and murine hepatitis virus RNA in untreated wastewaterChandra, Franciscus; Lee, Wei Lin; Armas, Federica; Leifels, Mats; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Chen, Hongjie; Wuertz, Stefan; Alm, Eric J.; Thompson, Janelle
2021Quantitative SARS-CoV-2 alpha variant B.1.1.7 tracking in wastewater by allele-specific RT-qPCRLee, Wei Lin; Imakaev, Maxim; Armas, Federica; McElroy, Kyle A.; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Duvallet, Claire; Chandra, Franciscus; Chen, Hongjie; Leifels, Mats; Mendola, Samuel; Floyd-O'Sullivan, Róisín; Powell, Morgan M.; Wilson, Shane T.; Berge, Karl L. J.; Lim, Claire Y. J.; Wu, Fuqing; Xiao, Amy; Moniz, Katya; Ghaeli, Newsha; Matus, Mariana; Thompson, Janelle R.; Alm, Eric J.
2022Rapid displacement of SARS-CoV-2 variant Delta by Omicron revealed by allele-specific PCR in wastewaterLee, Wei Lin; Armas, Federica; Guarneri, Flavia; Gu, Xiaoqiong; Formenti, Nicoletta; Wu, Fuqing; Chandra, Franciscus; Parisio, Giovanni; Chen, Hongjie; Xiao, Amy; Romeo, Claudia; Scali, Federico; Tonni, Matteo; Leifels, Mats; Chua, Desmond Feng Jun; Kwok, Germaine W. C.; Tay, Joey Y. R.; Pasquali, Paolo; Thompson, Janelle; Alborali, Giovanni Loris; Alm, Eric J.