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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analyzing mode index mismatch and field overlap for light guidance in negative-curvature fibersDeng, Ang; Md Imran Hasan; Wang, Yuxi; Chang, Wonkeun
2021Anti-resonant hollow-core fiber fusion spliced to laser gain fiber for high-power beam deliveryGoel, Charu; Li, Huizi; Muhammad Rosdi Abu Hassan; Chang, Wonkeun; Yoo, Seongwoo
 2023Antiresonant hollow-core fiber Bragg grating designGoel, Charu; Wang, Yuxi; Yoo, Seongwoo; Chang, Wonkeun
 2020Band-edge mediated frequency down-conversion in a gas-filled anti-resonant hollow-core fiberGavara, Trivikramarao; Md Imran Hasan; Muhammad Rosdi Abu Hassan; Deng, Ang; Chang, Wonkeun
 2020Concurrent instabilities causing multiple rogue waves in infinite-dimensional dynamical systemsChowdury, Amdad; Akhmediev, Nail; Chang, Wonkeun
2023Designing hybrid-guidance large mode area fiber for high-power lasersGoel, Charu; Yoo, Seongwoo; Chang, Wonkeun
 2018Dissipative solitons with extreme spikes in the normal and anomalous dispersion regimesAkhmediev, N.; Soto-Crespo, J. M.; Vouzas, Peter; Devine, N.; Chang, Wonkeun
2021Effect of decreasing pressure on soliton self-compression in higher-order modes of a gas-filled capillaryWan, Ying; Chang, Wonkeun
 2019Effect of initial chirp on soliton pulse compression in the ionization regimeWan, Ying; Chang, Wonkeun
2020Effect of the second ring of antiresonant tubes in negative-curvature fibersWang, Yuxi; Md Imran Hasan; Muhammad Rosdi Abu Hassan; Chang, Wonkeun
 2020Emergence of breathers in non-linear pulse compressionChowdury, Amdad; Gavara, Trivikramarao; Chang, Wonkeun
 2018Empirical formulae for dispersion and effective mode area in hollow-core antiresonant fibersHasan, Md. Imran; Akhmediev, Nail; Chang, Wonkeun
2023From rogue wave solution to solitonsChowdury, Amdad; Chang, Wonkeun; Battiato, Marco
2021Geometrical scaling of antiresonant hollow-core fibers for mid-infrared beam deliveryDeng, Ang; Chang, Wonkeun
2023Higher-order rogue-wave fission in the presence of self-steepening and Raman self-frequency shiftChowdury, Amdad; Chang, Wonkeun; Battiato, Marco
2022Impact of mode-area dispersion on nonlinear pulse propagation in gas-filled anti-resonant hollow-core fiberWan, Ying; Md Imran Hasan; Chang, Wonkeun
 2021In-line hollow-core fiber-optic bandpass filterXiong, Daiqi; Wu, Xu; Muhammad Rosdi Abu Hassan; Gavara, Trivikramarao; Chang, Wonkeun
2022Integration of an anti-resonant hollow-core fiber with a multimode Yb-doped fiber for high power near-diffraction-limited laser operationLi, Huizi; Goel, Charu; Zang, Jichao; Raghuraman, Sidharthan; Chen, Shaoxiang; Muhammad Rosdi Abu Hassan; Chang, Wonkeun; Yoo, Seongwoo
2020Investigation of a Bragg grating-based Fabry-Perot structure inscribed using femtosecond laser micromachining in an adiabatic fiber taperMadan, Aayush; Yap, Stephanie Hui Kit; Paulose, Varghese; Chang, Wonkeun; Shum, Perry Ping; Hao, Jianzhong
 2021Low-energy-threshold deep-ultraviolet generation in a small-mode-area hollow-core fiberXiong, Daiqi; Luo, Jiaqi; Muhammad Rosdi Abu Hassan; Wu, Xu; Chang, Wonkeun