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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bidirectional SSB modulation for Hybrid-PON with source-free optical network unitsZhang, Xiaoling; Zhang, Chongfu; Chen, Chen; Zhu, Mingyue; Jin, Wei; Qiu, Kun
 2021Bio-inspired bicomponent fiber with multistimuli response to infrared light and humidity for smart actuatorsZheng, Qinchao; Jiang, Zhenlin; Xu, Xiaotong; Xu, Chenxue; Zhu, Min; Chen, Chen; Fu, Fanfan
2016Chaos based IQ encryption for PAPR reduction and security enhancement in OFDMA PON systemZhang, Wei; Zhang, Chongfu; Chen, Chen
2018Cognitive multi-cell visible light communication with hybrid underlay/overlay resource allocationYang, Helin; Chen, Chen; Zhong, Wen-De
2016Comprehensive Study on Chain-End Transformation of Polymer–Iodides with Amines for Synthesizing Various Chain-End Functionalized PolymersChen, Chen; Xiao, Longqiang; Goto, Atsushi
2021A conceptual framework for estimating building embodied carbon based on digital twin technology and life cycle assessmentChen, Chen; Zhao, Zengfeng; Xiao, Jianzhuang; Tiong, Robert
2020Coordinated resource allocation-based integrated visible light communication and positioning systems for indoor IoTYang, Helin; Zhong, Wen-De; Chen, Chen; Alphones, Arokiaswami; Du, Pengfei; Zhang, Sheng; Xie, Xianzhong
2020Deep-reinforcement-learning-based energy-efficient resource management for social and cognitive Internet of ThingsYang, Helin; Zhong, Wen-De; Chen, Chen; Alphones, Arokiaswami; Xie, Xianzhong
2018Demonstration of a low-complexity indoor visible light positioning system using an enhanced TDOA schemeDu, Pengfei; Zhang, Sheng; Chen, Chen; Alphones, Arokiaswami; Zhong, Wen-De
2018Demonstration of a quasi-gapless integrated visible light communication and positioning systemYang, Helin; Chen, Chen; Zhong, Wen-De; Alphones, Arokiaswami; Zhang, Sheng; Du, Pengfei
2018Digital chromatic dispersion pre-management for SSB modulation direct-detection optical transmission systemsZhong, Xiaoyu; Zhang, Xiaoling; Zhang, Chongfu; Chen, Chen; Jin, Wei; Qiu, Kun
2018Efficient carrier-reuse for intensity modulation and direct detection passive optical networks with Rayleigh backscattering noise circumventionZhang, Xiaoling; Zhang, Chongfu; Chen, Chen; Jin, Wei; Qiu, Kun
 2018Electronic structure engineering to boost oxygen reduction activity by controlling the coordination of the central metalHan, Yunhu; Wang, Yanggang; Xu, Ruirui; Chen, Wenxing; Zheng, Lirong; Han, Aijuan; Zhu, Youqi; Zhang, Jian; Zhang, Huabin; Luo, Jun; Chen, Chen; Peng, Qing; Wang, Dingsheng; Li, Yadong
 2020Enabling real-life deployment of piggyback-VLC via light emission compositionYang, Yanbing; Luo, Jun; Chen, Chen; Chen, Liangyin
2016Energy-efficient orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based passive optical network based on adaptive sleep-mode control and dynamic bandwidth allocationZhang, Chongfu; Xiao, Nengwu; Chen, Chen; Yuan, Weicheng; Qiu, Kun
2022Ensuring sufficient cabin hospital beds for curbing the spread of COVID-19 - findings from petri net analysisChen, Chen; Xing, Zijie; Xi, Yonghui; Tiong, Robert
2022Evaluation of scientific research in universities based on the idea of education for sustainable developmentCheng, Zhe; Xiao, Tong; Chen, Chen; Xiong, Xiong
 2018Experimental demonstration of indoor sub-decimeter accuracy VLP system using differential PDOAZhang, Sheng; Zhong, Wen-De; Du, Pengfei; Chen, Chen
2023A fast method for identifying room configurations from unit boundaries in existing residential buildingsChen, Chen; Liu, Ziwen
2019Flexible-rate SIC-free NOMA for downlink VLC based on constellation partitioning codingChen, Chen; Zhong, Wen-De; Yang, Helin; Du, Pengfei; Yang, Yanbing