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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Dark current analysis of germanium-on-insulator vertical p-i-n photodetectors with varying threading dislocation densitySon, Bongkwon; Lin, Yiding; Lee, Kwang Hong; Chen, Qimiao; Tan, Chuan Seng
2023Defect-engineered electrically-injected germanium-on-insulator waveguide light emitters at telecom wavelengthsYeh, Po-Lun; Wu, Bo-Rui; Peng, Yi-Wei; Wu, Chen-Wei; Jheng, Yue-Tong; Lee, Kwang Hong; Chen, Qimiao; Tan, Chuan Seng; Chang, Guo-En
2021Effects of high-temperature thermal annealing on GeSn thin-film material and photodetector operating at 2 µmWu, Shaoteng; Son, Bongkwon; Zhang, Lin; Chen, Qimiao; Zhou, Hao; Goh, Simon Chun Kiat; Tan, Chuan Seng
2020The effects of strain and composition on the conduction-band offset of direct band gap type-I GeSn/GeSnSi quantum dots for CMOS compatible mid-IR light sourceChen, Qimiao; Zhang, Lin; Zhou, Hao; Li, Wei; Son, Bong Kwon; Tan, Chuan Seng
2023Enhanced light emission of germanium light-emitting-diode on 150 mm Germanium-on-Insulator (GOI)Wu, Shaoteng; Wang, Zhaozhen; Zhang, Lin; Chen, Qimiao; Wen, shuyu; Lee, Kwang Hong; Bao, shuyu; Fan, Weijun; Tan, Chuan Seng; Luo, Jun-Wei
2023Ge-on-Si avalanche photodiodes with photon trapping nanostructures for sensing and optical quantum applicationsWu, Shaoteng; Zhou, Hao; He, Li; Wang, Zhaozhen; Chen, Qimiao; Zhang, Lin; Tan, Chuan Seng
2021GeSn-on-insulator dual-waveband resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetectors at the 2 μm and 155 μm optical communication bandsChen, Qimiao; Wu, Shaoteng; Zhang, Lin; Burt, Daniel; Zhou, Hao; Nam, Donguk; Fan, Weijun; Tan, Chuan Seng
2023GeSn/Ge multiquantum-well vertical-cavity surface-emitting p-i-n structures and diode emitters on a 200 mm Ge-on-insulator platformChen, Qimiao; Jung, Yongduck; Zhou, Hao; Wu, Shaoteng; Gong, Xiao; Huang, Yi-Chiau; Lee, Kwang Hong; Zhang, Lin; Nam, Donguk; Liu, Jian; Luo, Jun-Wei; Fan, Weijun; Tan, Chuan Seng
2023Ge₀.₉₂Sn₀.₀₈/Ge multi-quantum-well LEDs operated at 2-μm-wavelength on 12-inch Si substrateWu, Shaoteng; Zhang, Lin; Wan, Rongqiao; Zhou, Hao; Lee, Kwang Hong; Chen, Qimiao; Huang, Yi-Chiau; Gong, Xiao; Tan, Chuan Seng
2022Grating and hole-array enhanced germanium lateral p-i-n photodetectors on an insulator platformZhou, Hao; Chen, Qimiao; Wu, Shaoteng; Zhang, Lin; Guo, Xin; Son, Bongkwon; Tan, Chuan Seng
2020High-efficiency GeSn/Ge multiple-quantum-well photodetectors with photon-trapping microstructures operating at 2 µmZhou, Hao; Xu, Shengqiang; Lin, Yiding; Huang, Yi-Chiau; Son, Bongkwon; Chen, Qimiao; Guo, Xin; Lee, Kwang Hong; Goh, Simon Chun-Kiat; Gong, Xiao; Tan, Chuan Seng
2021High-performance back-illuminated Ge₀.₉₂Sn₀.₀₈/Ge multiple-quantum-well photodetector on Si platform for SWIR detectionWu, Shaoteng; Xu, Shengqiang; Zhou, Hao; Jin, Yuhao; Chen, Qimiao; Huang, Yi-Chiau; Zhang, Lin; Gong, Xiao; Tan, Chuan Seng
2021Highly tensile-strained self-assembled Ge quantum dots on InP substrates for integrated light sourcesChen, Qimiao; Zhang, Liyao; Song, Yuxin; Chen, Xiren; Koelling, Sebastian; Zhang, Zhenpu; Li, Yaoyao; Koenraad, Paul M.; Shao, Jun; Tan, Chuan Seng; Wang, Shumin; Gong, Qian
2018InPBi quantum dots for super-luminescence diodesZhang, Liyao; Song, Yuxin; Chen, Qimiao; Zhu, Zhongyunshen; Wang, Shumin
2020Insights into the origins of guided microtrenches and microholes/rings from Sn segregation in germanium–tin epilayersWu, Shaoteng; Zhang, Lin; Son, Bongkwon; Chen, Qimiao; Zhou, Hao; Tan, Chuan Seng
2023Lateral GeSn waveguide-based homojunction phototransistor for next-generation 2000nm communication and sensing applicationsKumar, Harshvardhan; Chen, Qimiao; Tan, Chuan Seng
2020Metal-semiconductor-metal GeSn photodetectors on silicon for short-wave infrared applicationsGhosh, Soumava; Lin, Kuan-Chih; Tsai, Cheng-Hsun; Kumar, Harshvardhan; Chen, Qimiao; Zhang, Lin; Son, Bongkwon; Tan, Chuan Seng; Kim, Munho; Mukhopadhyay, Bratati; Chang, Guo-En
2021Monolithic Germanium-tin pedestal waveguide for mid-infrared applicationsGoh, Simon Chun Kiat; Shiau, Li Lynn; Zhang, Lin; Son, Bongkwon; Chen, Qimiao; Zhong, Jian; Salim, Teddy; Tan, Chuan Seng
2020Resonant-cavity-enhanced responsivity in germanium-on-insulator photodetectorsGhosh, Soumava; Lin, Kuan-Chih; Tsai, Cheng-Hsun; Lee, Kwang Hong; Chen, Qimiao; Son, Bongkwon; Mukhopadhyay, Bratati; Tan, Chuan Seng; Chang, Guo-En
2023A route toward high-detectivity and low-cost short-wave infrared photodetection: GeSn/Ge multiple-quantum-well photodetectors with a dielectric nanohole array metasurfaceChen, Qimiao; Zhou, Hao; Xu, Shengqiang; Huang, Yi-Chiau; Wu, Shaoteng; Lee, Kwang Hong; Gong, Xiao; Tan, Chuan Seng