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2020AATEAM : achieving the ad hoc teamwork by employing the attention mechanismChen, Shuo; Andrejczuk, Ewa; Cao, Zhiguang; Zhang, Jie
2012Assessment of skin flap viability using visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and auto-fluorescence spectroscopyLiu, Quan; Zhu, Caigang; Chen, Shuo; Chui, Christopher Hoe-Kong
2019ATSIS : achieving the ad hoc teamwork by sub-task inference and selectionChen, Shuo; Andrejczuk, Ewa; Irissappane, Athirai Aravazhi; Zhang, Jie
 2018A Bayesian multiagent trust model for social networksSardana, Noel; Cohen, Robin; Zhang, Jie; Chen, Shuo
2013Early Prediction of Skin Viability Using Visible Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy and Autofluorescence SpectroscopyZhu, Caigang; Chen, Shuo; Chui, Christopher Hoe-Kong; Tan, Bien-Keem; Liu, Quan
2012Estimation of diffuse reflectance spectrum from RGB values by the synthesis of new colors for tissue measurementsChen, Shuo; Liu, Quan
2018A fast fluorescence background suppression method for Raman spectroscopy based on stepwise spectral reconstructionChen, Shuo; Kong, Lingmin; Xu, Wenbin; Cui, Xiaoyu; Liu, Quan
2012Fast reconstruction of Raman spectra from narrow-band measurements based on Wiener estimationChen, Shuo; Ong, Yi Hong; Liu, Quan
2017From cloud to fog computing : a review and a conceptual live VM migration frameworkOsanaiye, Opeyemi; Chen, Shuo; Yan, Zheng; Lu, Rongxing; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; Dlodlo, Mqhele
2019Low-cost and highly sensitive wearable sensor based on napkin for health monitoringXie, Liping; Chen, Peng; Chen, Shuo; Yu, Kun; Sun, Hongbin
2012Modified Wiener estimation of diffuse reflectance spectra from RGB values by the synthesis of new colors for tissue measurementsChen, Shuo; Liu, Quan
2014Recovery of Raman spectra with low signal-to-noise ratio using Wiener estimationChen, Shuo; Lin, Xiaoqian; Yuen, Clement; Padmanabhan, Saraswathi; Beuerman, Roger W.; Liu, Quan
2015Review of fluorescence suppression techniques in raman spectroscopyWei, Dong; Chen, Shuo; Liu, Quan
2014Sequential weighted Wiener estimation for extraction of key tissue parameters in color imaging : a phantom studyChen, Shuo; Lin, Xiaoqian; Zhu, Caigang; Liu, Quan
 2017Stepwise method based on Wiener estimation for spectral reconstruction in spectroscopic Raman imagingChen, Shuo; Wang, Gang; Cui, Xiaoyu; Liu, Quan