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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Analysis of improved nutritional composition of potential functional food (Okara) after probiotic solid-state fermentationGupta, Sulagna; Lee, Jaslyn J. L.; Chen, Wei Ning
 2018Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of phenolic metabolites from flavonoid-producing yeast : potential as natural food preservativesNg, Kuan Rei; Lyu, Xiaomei; Mark, Rita; Chen, Wei Ning
2022Biotechnological advances for improving natural pigment production: a state-of-the-art reviewLyu, Xiaomei; Lyu, Yan; Yu, Hongwei; Chen, Wei Ning; Ye, Lidan; Yang, Ruijin
2022Combined pulsed electric field and microwave-assisted extraction as a green method for the recovery of antioxidant compounds with electroactive potential from coffee agro-wasteMacías-Garbett, Rodrigo; Sosa-Hernández, Juan Eduardo; Iqbal, Hafiz M. N.; Contreras-Esquivel, Juan Carlos; Chen, Wei Ning; Melchor-Martínez, Elda M.; Parra-Saldívar, Roberto
 2018Comparative metabolic profiling of engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae with enhanced flavonoids productionLyu, Xiaomei; Ng, Kuan Rei; Mark, Rita; Lee, Jie Lin; Chen, Wei Ning
2020Dual extraction of crustacean and fungal chitosan from a single Mucor circinelloides fermentationTan, Yun Nian; Lee, Pei Pei; Chen, Wei Ning
2018Dual use of a biopolymer from durian (Durio zibethinus) seed as a nutrient source and stabilizer for spray dried Lactobacillus plantarumLee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Zhao, Guili; Kim, Jaejung; Castillo-Zacarias, Carlos; Ramirez-Arriaga, Maria T.; Parra-Saldivar, Roberto; Chen, Wei Ning
2019Eco-friendly and biodegradable cellulose hydrogels produced from low cost okara : towards non-toxic flexible electronicsCui, Xi; Lee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Chen, Wei Ning
2019Effect of sequential twin screw extrusion and fungal pretreatment to release soluble nutrients from soybean residue for carotenoid productionLee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Cooray, Sachindra Thilomini; Mark, Rita; Chen, Wei Ning
2017Effect of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Parameters on the Biological Activities and Metabolites Present in Extracts from Arthrospira platensisChen, Wei Ning; Esquivel-Hernández, Diego A.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, José; Cuéllar-Bermúdez, Sara P.; García-Pérez, J. Saúl; Mancera-Andrade, Elena I.; Núñez-Echevarría, Jade E.; Ontiveros-Valencia, Aura; Rostro-Alanis, Magdalena; García-García, Rebeca M.; Antonio Torres, J.; Parra-Saldívar, Roberto
2020Effects of submerged liquid fermentation of Bacillus subtilis WX-17 using okara as sole nutrient source on the composition of a potential probiotic beverageMok, Wai Kit; Tan, Yong Xing; Lyu, Xiao Mei; Chen, Wei Ning
 2023Engineering the Phenylpropanoid pathway in Rhodosporidium toruloides for naringenin production from tyrosine by leveraging on its native PAL geneLee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Ng, Kuan Rei; Liang, Jiaqi; Cui, Xi; Li, Aaron; Chen, Wei Ning
2014Engineering the Saccharomyces cerevisiae β-oxidation pathway to increase medium chain fatty acid production as potential biofuelChen, Liwei; Zhang, Jianhua; Chen, Wei Ning
2014Engineering the Saccharomyces cerevisiae β-oxidation pathway to increase medium chain fatty acid production as potential biofuelChen, Liwei; Zhang, Jianhua; Chen, Wei Ning
 2021Evaluating the potential of Bacillus subtilis fermented okara as a functional food ingredient through in vitro digestion and fermentationMok, Wai Kit; Tan, Yong Xing; Chen, Wei Ning
2017Evaluation of brewers’ spent grain as a novel media for yeast growthCooray, Sachindra T.; Lee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Chen, Wei Ning
 2021Food waste durian rind-derived cellulose organohydrogels: toward anti-freezing and antimicrobial wound dressingCui, Xi; Lee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Ng, Kuan Rei; Chen, Wei Ning
 2021Free fatty acids reduction in waste cooking oil by Rhodosporidium toruloides and simultaneous carotenoids, lipids, and pal enzyme production in a two-phase culture systemLee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Li, Aaron; Lyu, Xiaomei; Kim, Jaejung; Chen, Wei Ning
2020Functional attributes and anticancer potentialities of chico (Pachycereus weberi) and jiotilla (Escontria chiotilla) fruits extractSandate-Flores, Luisaldo; Romero-Esquivel, Eduardo; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, José; Rostro-Alanis, Magdalena; Melchor-Martínez, Elda M.; Castillo-Zacarías, Carlos; Ontiveros, Patricia Reyna; Celaya, Marcos Fredy Morales; Chen, Wei Ning; Iqbal, Hafiz M. N.; Parra-Saldívar, Roberto
2015Identification of cellular targets of microRNA-181a in HepG2 cells: a new approach for functional analysis of microRNAsTan, Jane Yi Lin; Habib, Nagy A.; Chuah, York Wieo; Yau, Yin Hoe; Geifman-Shochat, Susana; Chen, Wei Ning