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2011Anisotropy induced large exchange bias behavior in ball milled Ni–Co–Mn–Sb alloysNayak, Ajaya K.; Sahoo, Roshnee; Suresh, K. G.; Nigam, A. K.; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2014Biofouling in reverse osmosis processes : the roles of flux, crossflow velocity and concentration polarization in biofilm developmentSuwarno, S. R.; Chen, X.; Chong, T. H.; McDougald, D.; Cohen, Y.; Rice, S. A.; Fane, Anthony Gordon
 2011Effects of polymer melt compressibility on mold filling in micro-injection moldingNguyen, Q. M. P.; Lam, Y. C.; Yue, C. Y.; Chen, X.
2011History-dependent nucleation and growth of the martensitic phase in the magnetic shape memory alloy Ni45Co5Mn38Sn12Banerjee, A.; Chaddah, P.; Dash, S.; Kumar, Kranti; Lakhani, Archana; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
 2012The impact of flux and spacers on biofilm development on reverse osmosis membranesRice, Scott A.; Suwarno, S. R.; Chen, X.; Chong, T. H.; Puspitasari, V. L.; McDougald, D.; Cohen, Y.; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2015Magnetic field dependence of electrical resistivity and thermopower in Ni50Mn37Sn13 ribbonsMaheswar Repaka, Durga Venkata; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan; Chen, X.; Mahendiran, R.
 2012Magnetic glass in shape memory alloy : Ni 45 Co 5 Mn 38 Sn 12Lakhani, Archana; Chaddah, P.; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, Raju V.
2015The magnetic phase transition in Mn1.1Fe0.9P1−xGex magnetocaloric alloysChen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
 2014Optimization of Ni–Co–Mn–Sn Heusler alloy composition for near room temperature magnetic coolingChen, X.; Naik, V.B.; Mahendiran, R.; Ramanujan, R.V.
 2012Spatial and temporal variability of ammonia and other inorganic aerosol speciesChen, X.; Day, D. E.; Gebhart, K. A.; Carrico, C. M.; Schwandner, F. M.; Benedict, K. B.; Schichtel, B. A.; Collett, J. L.
2010Time-Variant Simulation of Multi-Material Thermal PultrusionChen, X.; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
2011Tuning the austenite and martensite phase fraction in ferromagnetic shape memory alloy ribbons of Ni45Co5Mn38Sn12Lakhani, Archana; Dash, S.; Banerjee, A.; Chaddah, P.; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.