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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Analysis of initiation of sediment suspension from bed loadChiew, Yee-Meng; Cheng, Nian-Sheng
2021Bed-load transport in vegetated flows : phenomena, parametrization, and predictionWu, Haoliang; Cheng, Nian-Sheng; Chiew, Yee-Meng
 2018Characteristics of propeller jet flow within developing scour holes around an open quayWei, Maoxing; Chiew, Yee-Meng
 2018Characterization of horseshoe vortex in a developing scour hole at a cylindrical bridge pierGuan, Dawei; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Wei, Maoxing; Hsieh, Shih-Chun
2022Characterization of sand convective motions at a vertical wall subjected to long-term cyclic loadingGuan, Dawei; Li, Jialong; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Zhang, Jisheng
2023Combination of riprap and submerged vane as an abutment scour countermeasureFathi, Abazar; Zomorodian, S. M. Ali; Zolghadr, Masih; Chadee, Aaron; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Kumar, Bimlesh; Martin, Hector
2020Combined effects of mean flow and turbulence on sediment pickup rateCheng, Nian Sheng; Wei, Mao Xing; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Lu, Y. S.; Emadzadeh, Adel
 2018Current-induced scour at monopile foundations subjected to lateral vibrationsGuan, Dawei; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Melville, Bruce W.; Zheng, Jinhai
 2012Effect of seepage on initiation of cohesionless sediment transportLiu, Xiao Xie.; Chiew, Yee-Meng
2014Effect of suction zone length on sediment transportCao, Deping; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Liu, Xiaoxie
2014Effect of upward seepage on bedload transport rateLiu, Xiao-Xie; Chiew, Yee-Meng
 2018Experimental study of scour around a forced vibrating pipeline in quiescent waterGuan, Dawei; Hsieh, Shih-Chun; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Low, Ying Min
 2022Experimental study on local scour around a forced vibrating pipeline in unidirectional flowsZhang, Zhimeng; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Ji, Chunning
2016Flow characteristics around a circular cylinder undergoing vortex-induced vibration in the initial branchHsieh, Shih-Chun; Low, Ying Min; Chiew, Yee-Meng
 2019Impingement of propeller jet on a vertical quay wallWei, Maoxing; Chiew, Yee-Meng
1999Incipient sediment motion with upward seepageChiew, Yee-Meng; Cheng, Nian-Sheng
2015Injection Effects on Sediment Transport in Closed-Conduit FlowsCao, Deping; Yang, Shu-Qing; Chiew, Yee-Meng
2021Limiting behavior of the probability distribution in Einstein's bed-load formula and its improvementWu, Haoliang; Cheng, Nian-Sheng; Chiew, Yee-Meng
 2020Local scour and flow characteristics around pipeline subjected to vortex-induced vibrationsGuan, Dawei; Hsieh, Shih-Chun; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Low, Ying Min; Wei, Maoxing
2022Local scour at offshore windfarm monopile foundations: a reviewGuan, Da-wei; Xie, Yu-xuan; Yao, Zi-shun; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Zhang, Ji-sheng; Zheng, Jin-hai