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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016After The South China Sea Ruling – Resilience of the ASEAN Way: Consensual Diplomacy in VientianeChong, Alan
2013America’s quest for a new equilibrium with Asia : pivoting to surrogacy?Chew, Emrys; Chong, Alan
2024Armed naval multilateralism in the red seaChong, Alan
2012Asian diplomatic ambiguity : calming the South China Sea?Chong, Alan; Chew, Emrys
2012Breaking up is hard to do : ASEAN and the South China SeaChong, Alan; Chew, Emrys
2020China-Taiwan mask diplomacy : wooing Southeast Asia?Kliem, Frederick; Chong, Alan
2017Earthquakes and Environmental Refugees: Time for ‘Green’ EngineeringNair, Tamara; Chong, Alan
 2022Economic security in Southeast Asia: an introductionChong, Alan
2020EU and ASEAN : in common disunityChong, Alan; Kliem, Frederick
2023Fiery climate change introduces fresh environmental stewardsChong, Alan; Nair, Tamara
2017Foreign Policy Lessons from the Terrex EpisodeChong, Alan; Han, David
2011Framing cyber warfare : between offence and defenceChong, Alan; Nah, Liang Tuang
2017Frictions on the new silk roadWu, Shang-su; Chong, Alan
2020Germany and Indo-Pacific : Berlin's ASEAN-style regionalism?Chong, Alan; Kliem, Frederick
2021Global warming : rethinking international relationsChong, Alan
 2020Indigenizing the Cold War in Malaysia and Singapore : interethnic decolonization, developmental syntheses and the quest for sovereigntyChong, Alan
2018‘Indo-Pacific’ vs ‘Asia-Pacific’: Contending Visions?Chong, Alan; Wu, Shang-su
2015Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore’s foreign policy : a productive iconoclasmChong, Alan
2010Lessons from the Haiti earthquake : protecting small statesChong, Alan
2013Norodom Sihanouk : his mercurial art of preserving a small stateChew, Emrys; Chong, Alan