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2022"Antibiotics are for everyone, our past and our future generations, right? If antibiotics are dead, we will be in big trouble": building on community values for public engagement on appropriate use of antibiotics in SingaporeGuo, Huiling; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara; Chow, Angela
2022The associations between poor antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance knowledge and inappropriate antibiotic use in the general population are modified by ageGuo, Huiling; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara; Lye, David C.; Straughan, Paulin Tay; Chow, Angela
2018Comparative epidemiology of vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization in an acute-care hospital and its affiliated intermediate- and long-term care facilities in SingaporeTan, Damon; Htun, Htet Lin; Koh, Jocelyn; Kanagasabai, Kala; Lim, Jia-Wei; Hon, Pei-Yun; Ang, Brenda; Chow, Angela
 2023Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use and its association with antibiotic usage practices: a nationally representative population studyTan, Shannon; Guo, Huiling; Chow, Angela
2018Correlation of clinical illness with viremia in Zika virus disease during an outbreak in SingaporeNg, Deborah H. L.; Ho, Hanley J.; Chow, Angela; Wong, Joshua; Kyaw, Win Mar; Tan, Adriana; Chia, Po Ying; Choy, Chiaw Yee; Tan, Glorijoy; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Leo, Yee Sin
2022Determinants of the acceptance and adoption of a digital contact tracing tool during the COVID-19 pandemic in SingaporeHuang, Zhilian; Guo, Huiling; Lim, Hannah Yee-Fen; Chow, Angela
2022Dynamic cohort study evaluating metabolic predictors of influenza vaccine immune response in older adultsSadarangani, Sapna; Young, Barnaby Edward; Lian, Weixiang; Phua, Hwee Pin; Chen, Mark I.-C.; Barr, Ian; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Dalan, Rinkoo; Chow, Angela
2021Epidemiological factors associated with recent HIV infection among newly-diagnosed cases in Singapore, 2013-2017Ang, Li Wei; Low, Carmen; Wong, Chen Seong; Boudville, Irving Charles; Toh, Matthias Paul Han Sim; Archuleta, Sophia; Lee, Vernon Jian Ming; Leo, Yee Sin; Chow, Angela; Lin, Raymond Tzer-Pin
2021Epidemiology and transmission of carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae in a health care network of an acute-care hospital and its affiliated intermediate- and long-term-care facilities in SingaporeAung, Aung-Hein; Kanagasabai, Kala; Koh, Jocelyn; Hon, Pei-Yun; Ang, Brenda; Lye, David C.; Chen, Swaine L.; Chow, Angela
2023Evaluation of NG-Test CARBA 5 version 2, Cepheid Xpert Carba-R, and carbapenem inactivation methods in comparison to whole-genome sequencing for the identification of carbapenemases in non-fermenting Gram-negative bacilliKhoo, Bo Yan; Hon, Pei Yun; Leong, Janice; Sridatta, Prakki Sai Rama; Thevasagayam, Natascha May; Loy, Dennis Song Qi; Chua, Jasmine J. Y.; Ang, Brenda Sze Peng; Chow, Angela; Marimuthu, Kalisvar; De, Partha Pratim; Ng, Oon Tek; Vasoo, Shawn
2021Exploring antibiotic prescribing in public and private primary care settings in Singapore: a qualitative analysis informing theory and evidence-based planning for value-driven intervention designGuo, Huiling; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara; Loh, Victor Weng Keong; Sundram, Meena; Muhamad Alif Ibrahim; Tang, Wern Ee; Chow, Angela
2022Fending off Delta - hospital measures to reduce nosocomial transmission of COVID-19Lim, Rachel Hui Fen; Htun, Htet Lin; Li, Anthony Lianjie; Guo, Huiling; Kyaw, Win Mar; Hein, Aung Aung; Ang, Brenda; Chow, Angela
2021Hospital pharmacists and antimicrobial stewardship: a qualitative analysisWong, Lok Hang; Tay, Evonne; Heng, Shi Thong; Guo, Huiling; Kwa, Andrea Lay Hoon; Ng, Tat Ming; Chung, Jasmine Shimin; Somani, Jyoti; Lye, David C.; Chow, Angela
 2018Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus colonisation : epidemiological and molecular characteristics in an acute-care tertiary hospital in SingaporeHtun, Htet Lin; Kyaw, Win Mar; de Sessions, Paola Flórez; Low, Louie; Hibberd, Martin Lloyd; Chow, Angela; Leo, Yee Sin
2023A multi-institutional exploration of emergency medicine physicians' attitudes and behaviours on antibiotic use during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-methods studyHuang, Zhilian; Tay, Evonne; Kuan, Win Sen; Tiah, Ling; Weng, Yanyi; Tan, Hann Yee; Seow, Eillyne; Peng, Li Lee; Chow, Angela
2020Performance of digital contact tracing tools for COVID-19 response in Singapore : cross-sectional studyHuang, Zhilian; Guo, Huiling; Lee, Yee-Mun; Ho, Eu Chin; Ang, Hou; Chow, Angela
2022Prevalence of measles antibodies among migrant workers in Singapore: a serological study to identify susceptible population subgroupsAng, Li Wei; Gao, Qi; Cui, Lin; Farwin, Aysha; Toh, Matthias Paul Han Sim; Boudville, Irving Charles; Chen, Mark I-Cheng; Chow, Angela; Lin, Raymond Tzer-Pin; Lee, Vernon Jian Ming; Leo, Yee Sin
2021Psychological impact of repeated epidemic exposure on healthcare workers: findings from an online survey of a healthcare workforce exposed to both SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and COVID-19Chan, Lai Gwen; Tan, Lynnette Pei Lin; Sim, Kang; Tan, Ming Yee; Goh, Kah Hong; Su, Pei Qi; Tan, Alvin Kah Heng; Lee, Eng Sing; Tan, Shu Yun; Lim, Wen Phei; Aw, Chia Hui; Goh, Yi Zhen; Sadarangani, Sapna; Chow, Angela
2021Psychosocial determinants of healthcare personnel's willingness to carry real-time locating system tags during daily inpatient care in hospital managing COVID-19 patients: insights from a mixed-methods analysisGuo, Huiling; Huang, Zhilian; Yeo, Jeanette Y. P.; Wang, Yinchu; Chow, Angela
2022Public perception of the use of digital contact-tracing tools after the COVID-19 lockdown: sentiment analysis and opinion miningHuang, Zhilian; Tay, Evonne; Wee, Dillon; Guo, Huiling; Lim, Hannah Yeefen; Chow, Angela