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2019Age-related changes of individual macular retinal layers among AsiansChua, Jacqueline; Tham, Yih Chung; Tan, Bingyao; Devarajan, Kavya; Schwarzhans, Florian; Gan, Alfred; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Cheung, Carol Y.; Majithia, Shivani; Thakur, Sahil; Fischer, Georg; Vass, Clemens; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Schmetterer, Leopold
2022Age-related eye diseases in individuals with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseChua, Jacqueline; Zhang, Zheting; Wong, Damon; Tan, Bingyao; Kulantayan, Bhavani; Sng, Chelvin C. A.; Hilal, Saima; Venketasubramanian, Narayanaswamy; Tan, Boon Yeow; Cheung, Carol Y.; Garhöfer, Gerhard; Popa-Cherecheanu, Alina; Wong, Tien Yin; Chen, Christopher Li-Hsian; Schmetterer, Leopold
2021The application of optical coherence tomography angiography in systemic hypertension: a meta-analysisTan, Wilson; Yao, Xinwen; Le, Thu-Thao; Tan, Anna C. S.; Cheung, Carol Y.; Chin, Calvin Woon Loong; Schmetterer, Leopold; Chua, Jacqueline
2020Are choriocapillaris flow void features robust to diurnal variations? A swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) studyLin, Emily; Ke, Mengyuan; Tan, Bingyao; Yao, Xinwen; Wong, Damon; Ong, Lirong; Schmetterer, Leopold; Chua, Jacqueline
2023Assessing the external validity of machine learning-based detection of glaucomaLi, Chi; Chua, Jacqueline; Schwarzhans, Florian; Husain, Rahat; Girard, Michaël J. A.; Majithia, Shivani; Tham, Yih-Chung; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Aung, Tin; Fischer, Georg; Vass, Clemens; Bujor, Inna; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Popa-Cherecheanu, Alina; Schmetterer, Leopold; Wong, Damon
2021Choriocapillaris microvasculature dysfunction in systemic hypertensionChua, Jacqueline; Le, Thu-Thao; Tan, Bingyao; Ke, Mengyuan; Li, Chi; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Tan, Anna C. S.; Lamoureux, Ecosse; Wong, Tien Yin; Chin, Calvin Woon Loong; Schmetterer, Leopold
2022Combining vascular and nerve fiber layer thickness measurements to model glaucomatous focal visual field lossKallab, Martin; Hommer, Nikolaus; Schlatter, Andreas; Chua, Jacqueline; Tan, Bingyao; Schmidl, Doreen; Hirn, Cornelia; Findl, Oliver; Schmetterer, Leopold; Garhöfer, Gerhard; Wong, Damon
2021Comparison of retinal vessel diameter measurements from swept-source OCT angiography and adaptive optics ophthalmoscopeYao, Xinwen; Ke, Mengyuan; Ho, Yijie; Lin, Emily; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Tan, Bingyao; Schmetterer, Leopold; Chua, Jacqueline
2021Developing a normative database for retinal perfusion using optical coherence tomography angiographyTan, Bingyao; Sim, Yin Ci; Chua, Jacqueline; Yusufi, Dheo; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Yow, Ai Ping; Chin, Calvin; Tan, Anna C. S.; Sng, Chelvin Cheryl Agnes; Agrawal, Rupesh; Gopal, Lekha; Sim, Ralene; Tan, Gavin; Lamoureux, Ecosse; Schmetterer, Leopold
2022Effect of hyperoxia and hypoxia on retinal vascular parameters assessed with optical coherence tomography angiographyHommer, Nikolaus; Kallab, Martin; Sim, Yin Ci; Lee, Ashe Xy; Chua, Jacqueline; Tan, Bingyao; Schlatter, Andreas; Werkmeister, René M.; Schmidl, Doreen; Schmetterer, Leopold; Garhöfer, Gerhard
2020Effect of vessel enhancement filters on the repeatability of measurements obtained from widefield swept-source optical coherence tomography angiographyHong, Jimmy; Ke, Mengyuan; Tan, Bingyao; Lau, Amanda; Wong, Damon; Yao, Xinwen; Liu, Xinyu; Schmetterer, Leopold; Chua, Jacqueline
2022Evaluation of different OCT systems in quantitative imaging of human Schlemm's canalWu, Xuan; Tan, Bingyao; Gan, Jinyuan; Lam, Adeline R.; Chen, Yibing; Liu, Xinyu; Chua, Jacqueline; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Ang, Marcus; Schmetterer, Leopold; Yao, Xinwen
2022Evaluation of generative adversarial networks for high-resolution synthetic image generation of circumpapillary optical coherence tomography images for glaucomaSreejith Kumar, Ashish Jith; Chong, Rachel S.; Crowston, Jonathan G.; Chua, Jacqueline; Bujor, Inna; Husain, Rahat; Vithana, Eranga N.; Girard, Michaël J. A.; Ting, Daniel S. W.; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Aung, Tin; Popa-Cherecheanu, Alina; Schmetterer, Leopold; Wong, Damon
 2021Factors affecting the diagnostic performance of circumpapillary retinal nerve fibre layer measurement in glaucomaWong, Damon Wing Kee; Chua, Jacqueline; Baskaran, Mani; Tan, Bingyao; Yao, Xinwen; Chan, Samuel; Tham, Yih Chung; Chong, Rachel; Aung, Tin; Lamoureux, Ecosse Luc; Vithana, Eranga N.; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Schmetterer, Leopold
2019Global assessment of retinal arteriolar, venular and capillary microcirculations using fundus photographs and optical coherence tomography angiography in diabetic retinopathyTan, Tien-En; Nguyen, Quang; Chua, Jacqueline; Schmetterer, Leopold; Tan, Gavin Siew Wei; Wong, Chee Wai; Tsai, Andrew; Cheung, Gemmy Chui Ming; Wong, Tien Yin; Ting, Daniel Shu Wei
2019Impact of hypertension on retinal capillary microvasculature using optical coherence tomographic angiographyChua, Jacqueline; Chin, Calvin Woon Loong; Hong, Jimmy; Chee, Miao Li; Le, Thu-Thao; Ting, Daniel Shu Wei; Wong, Tien Yin; Schmetterer, Leopold
2019Impact of systemic vascular risk factors on the choriocapillaris using optical coherence tomography angiography in patients with systemic hypertensionChua, Jacqueline; Chin, Calvin Woon Loong; Tan, Bingyao; Wong, Si Han; Devarajan, Kavya; Le, Thu-Thao; Ang, Marcus; Wong, Tien Yin; Schmetterer, Leopold
2019Inter-relationship between ageing, body mass index, diabetes, systemic blood pressure and intraocular pressure in Asians : 6-year longitudinal studyChua, Jacqueline; Chee, Miao Li; Chin, Calvin Woon Loong; Tham, Yih Chung; Tan, Nicholas; Lim, Sing Hui; Aung, Tin; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Wong, Tien Yin; Schmetterer, Leopold
2022Investigating the macular choriocapillaris in early primary open-angle glaucoma using swept-source optical coherence tomography angiographyLun, Katherine; Sim, Yin Ci; Chong, Rachel; Wong, Damon; Tan, Bingyao; Husain, Rahat; Aung, Tin; Sng, Chelvin C. A.; Schmetterer, Leopold; Chua, Jacqueline
 2018Long-term shape, curvature, and depth changes of the lamina cribrosa after trabeculectomyKadziauskienė, Aistė; Jašinskienė, Ernesta; Ašoklis, Rimvydas; Lesinskas, Eugenijus; Rekašius, Tomas; Chua, Jacqueline; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Mari, Jean Martial; Girard, Michaël J.A.; Schmetterer, Leopold