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2019Cobalt-catalyzed hydroacylative dimerization of allenes leading to skipped dienesDing, Wei; Ho, Terence Yan King; Okuda, Yasuhiro; Wijaya, Christopher Kevin; Tan, Zheng Hao; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2019Cobalt-catalyzed intermolecular [2+2] cycloaddition between alkynes and allenesDing, Wei; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2013Fano resonances in metallic grating coupled whispering gallery mode resonatorLuan, Feng; Zhou, Yanyan; Zhu, Di; Yu, Xia; Ding, Wei
 2020Fluorobenziodoxole-BF3 reagent for Iodo(III)etherification of alkynes in ethereal solventChai, Jinkui; Ding, Wei; Wu, Junliang; Yoshikai, Naohiko
 2021Iodo(III)-Meyer-Schuster rearrangement of propargylic alcohols promoted by benziodoxole triflateLaskar, Roshayed Ali; Ding, Wei; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2022A multiobjective prediction model with incremental learning ability by developing a multi-source filter neural network for the electrolytic aluminium processYao, Lizhong; Ding, Wei; He, Tiantian; Liu, Shouxin; Nie, Ling
2019Photosensitized, energy-transfer-mediated cyclization of 2-(1-arylvinyl)benzaldehydes to anthracen-9-(10H)-onesDing, Wei; Ho, Chang Chin; Yoshikai, Naohiko
 2015Power transfer mechanism of metallic grating coupled whispering gallery microsphere resonatorZhou, Yanyan; Ding, Wei; Gu, Bobo; Zhao, Chen; Yu, Xia; Luan, Feng
2020Stereoselective access to highly substituted vinyl ethers via trans-difunctionalization of alkynes with alcohols and iodine(III) electrophileDing, Wei; Chai, Jinkui; Wang, Chen; Wu, Junliang; Yoshikai, Naohiko