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 2023Distributed optimal scheduling of VPP based on EST: an ADMM algorithm based on historical data online transferSun, Yufei; Liu, Xinrui; Wang, Rui; Dong, Chaoyu; Sun, Qiuye
 2020A meta-learning based multimodal neural network for multistep ahead battery thermal runaway forecastingDing, Shuya; Dong, Chaoyu; Zhao, Tianyang; Koh, Liang Mong; Bai, Xiaoyin; Luo, Jun
 2018Padé-based stability analysis for a modular multilevel converter considering the time delay in the digital control systemDong, Chaoyu; Yang, Shunfeng; Jia, Hongjie; Wang, Peng
2020Probability-based energy reinforced management of electric vehicle aggregation in the electrical grid frequency regulationDong, Chaoyu; Sun, Jianwen; Wu, Feng; Jia, Hongjie
 2021Residual learning diagnosis detection: an advanced residual learning diagnosis detection system for COVID-19 in industrial internet of thingsZhang, Mingdong; Chu, Ronghe; Dong, Chaoyu; Wei, Jianguo; Lu, Wenhuan; Xiong, Naixue
 2023A robust autonomous sliding-mode control of renewable DC microgrids for decentralized power sharing considering large-signal stabilityLi, Xiangke; Wang, Minghao; Dong, Chaoyu; Jiang, Wentao; Xu, Zhao; Wu, Xiaohua; Jia, Hongjie
 2017Time-delay stability analysis for hybrid energy storage system with hierarchical control in DC microgridsDong, Chaoyu; Jia, Hongjie; Xu, Qianwen; Xiao, Jianfang; Xu, Yan; Tu, Pengfei; Lin, Pengfeng; Li, Xiaomeng; Wang, Peng
 2024Toward large-signal stabilization of interleaved floating multilevel boost converter-enabled high-power DC microgrids supplying constant power loadsLi, Xiangke; Wang, Minghao; Jiang, Wentao; Dong, Chaoyu; Xu, Zhao; Wu, Xiaohua