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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Active control of vortex-induced vibrations of a circular cylinder using windward-suction- leeward-blowing actuationWang, Chenglei; Tang, Hui; Yu, Simon C. M.; Duan, Fei
2013Amplifying and attenuating the coffee-ring effect in drying sessile nanofluid dropletsDuan, Fei; Crivoi, Alexandru
 2017Confined jet impingement boiling in a chamber with staggered pillarsQiu, Lu; Dubey, Swapnil; Choo, Fook Hoong; Duan, Fei
2017Control of vortex-induced vibration using a pair of synthetic jets: Influence of active lock-onWang, Chenglei; Tang, Hui; Yu, Simon C. M.; Duan, Fei
 2021Correlations for heat transfer characteristics of the onset of nucleate boiling in submerged jet impingementFan, Simiao; Duan, Fei
2015Crossover from the coffee-ring effect to the uniform deposit caused by irreversible cluster-cluster aggregationCrivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei; Zhong, X.
 2021Dendritic nanoparticle self-assembly from drying a sessile nanofluid dropletRen, Junheng; Crivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei
 2020Design and optimization of conformal cooling channels for injection molding : a reviewKanbur, Baris Burak; Shen, Suping; Duan, Fei
 2018Direct microencapsulation of pure polyamine by integrating microfluidic emulsion and interfacial polymerization for practical self-healing materialsZhang, He; Zhang, Xin; Bao, Chenlu; Li, Xin; Sun, Dawei; Duan, Fei; Friedrich, Klaus; Yang, Jinglei
 2020Disk-ring deposition in drying a sessile nanofluid droplet with enhanced marangoni effect and particle surface adsorptionRen, Junheng; Crivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei
2017Dynamic exergetic and environmental assessments of the small scale LNG cold utilized micro power generation systemsKanbur, Baris Burak; Liming, Xiang; Dubey, Swapnil; Hoong, Choo Fook; Duan, Fei
2012Dynamic viscosity measurement in non-Newtonian graphite nanofluidsDuan, Fei; Wong, Ting Foong; Crivoi, Alexandru
2017The Effects of Oil Property and Inclination Angle on Oil–Water Core Annular Flow Through U-BendsJiang, Fan; Wang, Ke; Skote, Martin; Wong, Teck Neng; Duan, Fei
 2022Efficacy of angled metallic fins for enhancing phase change material meltingQin, Zhen; Low, Zheng Hua; Ji, Chenzhen; Duan, Fei
 2012Evaporation enhancement from surface heatingDuan, Fei; He, Bin
 2015Evaporation of liquid droplet in nano and micro scales from statistical rate theoryTao, Wei; Duan, Fei; He, Bin
 2012Evaporation-induced formation of fractal-like structures from nanofluidsCrivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei
 2019Evaporative characteristics of sessile nanofluid droplet on micro-structured heated surfaceZhu, Gui-Ping; Ong, Kian-Soo; Chong, Karen Siew-Ling; Yao, Jia-Feng; Huang, Hu-Lin; Duan, Fei
2017Experimental investigation of a spiral tube embedded latent thermal energy storage tank using paraffin as PCMZhang, Siming; Zhang, Liyu; Yang, Xiaohu; Yu, Xiaoling; Duan, Fei; Jin, Liwen; Meng, Xiangzhao
 2018Finite sum based thermoeconomic and sustainable analyses of the small scale LNG cold utilized power generation systemsKanbur, Baris Burak; Xiang, Liming; Dubey, Swapnil; Choo, Fook Hoong; Duan, Fei