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2021Abatement of atmospheric pollutant emissions with autonomous shipping in maritime transportation using Bayesian probabilistic forecastingLiu, Jiahui; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Duru, Okan
2021Assessment of atmospheric pollutant emissions with maritime energy strategies using bayesian simulations and time series forecastingLiu, Jiahui; Duru, Okan; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
 2020Assessment of relative fuel cost for dual fuel marine engines along major Asian container shipping routesTan, Roy; Duru, Okan; Thepsithar, Prapisala
 2019Cruise port centrality and spatial patterns of cruise shipping in the Asian marketJeon, Jun-Woo; Duru, Okan; Yeo, Gi-Tae
2020Developing a comprehensive approach to port performance assessmentDuru, Okan; Galvao, Cassia B.; Mileski, Joan; Robles, Leo Tadeu; Gharehgozli, Amir
 2020Hybrid modeling in the predictive analytics of energy systems and pricesGulay, Emrah; Duru, Okan
 2020Modelling cyclic container freight index using system dynamicsJeon, Jun-Woo; Duru, Okan; Yeo, Gi-Tae
 2022Newbuilding ship price forecasting by parsimonious intelligent model search engineGao, Ruobin; Liu, Jiahui; Zhou, Qin; Duru, Okan; Yuen, Kum Fai
 2017Performance obligations for “revenue from contracts with customers” principle in the shipping industryDuru, Okan; Mileski, Joan P.; Gunes, Ergun
 2018Predictive analytics of crude oil prices by utilizing the intelligent model search engineBekiroglu, Korkut; Duru, Okan; Gulay, Emrah; Su, Rong; Lagoa, Constantino
2022Reducing emissions of atmospheric pollutants along major dry bulk and tanker routes through autonomous shippingLiu, Jiahui; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Duru, Okan