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2014Analysis and optimization of a deeply pipelined FPGA soft processorCheah, Hui Yan; Fahmy, Suhaib A.; Kapre, Nachiket
 2013Architecture for real-time nonparametric probability density function estimationFahmy, Suhaib A.; Mohan, A. R.
2018Efficient spectrum sensing for aeronautical LDACS using low-power correlatorsShreejith, Shanker; Mathew, Libin K.; Prasad, Vinod A.; Fahmy, Suhaib A.
2017An End-to-End Multi-Standard OFDM Transceiver Architecture Using FPGA Partial ReconfigurationPham, Thinh Hung; Fahmy, Suhaib A.; McLoughlin, Ian Vince
 2012Evaluating the efficiency of DSP Block synthesis inference from flow graphsRonak, Bajaj..; Fahmy, Suhaib A.
 2012A high speed open source controller for FPGA Partial ReconfigurationVipin, Kizheppatt.; Fahmy, Suhaib A.
 2012iDEA : a DSP block based FPGA soft processorCheah, Hui Yan; Fahmy, Suhaib A.; Maskell, Douglas L.
 2012A lean FPGA soft processor built using a DSP blockFahmy, Suhaib A.; Maskell, Douglas L.; Cheah, Hui Yan; Kulkarni, Chidamber
2015On Data Forwarding in Deeply Pipelined Soft ProcessorsKapre, Nachiket; Cheah, Hui Yan; Fahmy, Suhaib A.
 2020Power-efficient mapping of large applications on modern heterogeneous FPGAsHerath, Kalindu; Prakash, Alok; Fahmy, Suhaib A.; Srikanthan, Thambipillai
2013System-level FPGA device driver with high-level synthesis supportVipin, Kizheppatt; Shreejith, Shanker; Gunasekera, Dulitha; Fahmy, Suhaib A.; Kapre, Nachiket