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2018Active magnetic decoupling for improving the performance of integrated LCL-filters in grid-connected convertersLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Lin, Pengfeng; Tang, Yi
2018Autonomous DC-link voltage restoration for grid-connected power converters providing virtual inertiaGuo, Ke; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi
2017A battery/ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage system for implementing the power management of virtual synchronous generatorsFang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Li, Hongchang; Li, Xiaoqiang
2017Capacitor-voltage feedforward with full delay compensation to improve weak grids adaptability of LCL-filtered grid-connected converters for distributed generation systemsLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Wu, Xiaojie; Geng, Yiwen
2019Coupling effect of active and reactive power controls on synchronous stability of VSGsDeng, Han; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Debusschere, Vincent
2017Distributed power system virtual inertia implemented by grid-connected power convertersFang, Jingyang; Li, Hongchang; Tang, Yi; Blaabjerg, Frede
 2020An estimation-based solution to weak-grid-induced small-signal stability problems of power convertersFang, Jingyang; Yu, Jiale; Zhang, Yifu; Goetz, Stefan M.
2018Exploration of the relationship between inertia enhancement and DC-link capacitance for grid-connected convertersGuo, Ke; Tang, Yi; Fang, Jingyang
2022Impedance modeling and stability-oriented parameter optimization of isolated dual active bridge-based two-stage AC-DC-DC converterFeng, Fan; Fang, Jingyang; Manandhar, Ujjal; Gooi, Hoay Beng; Wang, Liguo
2022Impedance-based stability analysis of DAB converters with single-, double-, or cooperative triple-phase-shift modulations and input LC filterFeng, Fan; Fang, Jingyang; Manandhar, Ujjal; Gooi, Hoay Beng; Xie, Peng
2018Pulse density modulated ZVS full-bridge converters for wireless power transfer systemsLi, Hongchang; Wang, Kangping; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi
2017Pulse density modulation for maximum efficiency point tracking of wireless power transfer systemsLi, Hongchang; Fang, Jingyang; Chen, Shuxin; Wang, Kangping; Tang, Yi
2018Robust design of LCL filters for single-current-loop-controlled grid-connected power converters with unit PCC voltage feedforwardLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Wu, Xiaojie
2019Small-signal modeling, stability analysis, and controller design of grid-friendly power converters with virtual inertia and grid-forming capabilityDeng, Han; Fang, Jingyang; Yu, Jiale; Tang, Yi; Debusschere, Vincent
2017Stability improvement for three-phase grid-connected converters through impedance reshaping in quadrature-axisFang, Jingyang; Li, Xiaoqiang; Li, Hongchang; Tang, Yi
2022State-space modeling, stability analysis, and controller design of grid-forming converters with distributed virtual inertiaDeng, Han; Fang, Jingyang
2018A universal model for grid-connected converters reflecting power-internal voltage characteristicsPeng, Qiao; Fang, Jingyang; Yang, Yongheng; Blaabjerg, Frede
 2019Utilizing the dead-time effect to achieve decentralized reactive power sharing in islanded AC microgridsQi, Yang; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi