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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Active noise cancellation headsetFoo, Say Wei; Averty, Charles; Senthilkumar, T. N.
2001An adaptive audio watermarking systemFoo, Say Wei; Yeo, Theng Hee; Huang, Dong Yan
2004Audio watermarking using time frequency compression expansionFoo, Say Wei; Ho, Shuet Mun; Ng, Ling Mei
2008Audio-watermarking with stereo signalsFoo, Say Wei
2004Automated breast masses segmentation in digitized mammogramsZhang, Han; Foo, Say Wei; Thng, Choon Hua; Krishnan, Shankar M.
2006Automated endocardial boundary detection using dynamic directional gradient vector flow snakesFoo, Say Wei; Kirthika Mahendran
2005Automatic detection of region of interest and center point of left ventricle using watershed segmentationKrishnan, Shankar M.; Cheng, Jierong; Foo, Say Wei
2003A bilingual speech recognition system for English and TamilFoo, Say Wei; Kumar, Santosh C.
2005A blind audio watermarking scheme using peak point extractionFoo, Say Wei; Xue, Feng; Li, Mengyuan
2003A boosted multi-HMM classifier for recognition of visual speech elementsFoo, Say Wei; Dong, Liang
2004Boundary detection in echocardiographic images by directional gradient vector flowKrishnan, Shankar M.; Cheng, Jierong; Foo, Say Wei
2001Characterization with embedded synchronization for read–write channelsLin, Maria Yu; Mathew, George; Foo, Say Wei; Bergmans, J. W. M.
2003Classification of stress in speech using linear and nonlinear featuresNwe, Tin Lay; Foo, Say Wei; De Silva, Liyanage C.
2000Compensation of MR head non-linearities using a saturable transfer functionLin, Maria Yu; Foo, Say Wei; Mathew, George; Ye, Weichun; Bergmans, J. W. M.
1999Computer-aided design of a mass production circuitFoo, Say Wei; Lin, Yu
2003Cross-speaker viseme mapping using hidden Markov modelsDong, Liang; Foo, Say Wei; Yong, Lian
2003Detection of stress and emotion in speech using traditional and FFT based log energy featuresNwe, Tin Lay; Foo, Say Wei; De Silva, Liyanage C.
2004Directional gradient vector flow for snakesKrishnan, Shankar M.; Cheng, Jierong; Foo, Say Wei
2007Distraction in GVF-based segmentationCheng, Jierong; Foo, Say Wei
2006Dynamic directional gradient vector flow for snakesCheng, Jierong; Foo, Say Wei