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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Absence of Bacteria on Coronary Angioplasty Balloons from Unselected Patients: Results with Use of a High Sensitivity Polymerase Chain Reaction AssayHansen, Gorm Mørk; Nilsson, Martin; Nielsen, Claus Henrik; Holmstrup, Palle; Helqvist, Steffen; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Givskov, Michael; Hansen, Peter Riis
2022Adaptation to an amoeba host leads to Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates with attenuated virulenceLeong, Wai; Poh, Wee Han; Williams, Jonathan; Lutz, Carla; Hoque, M. Mozammel; Poh, Yan Hong; Yee, Benny Yeo Ken; Chua, Cliff; Givskov, Michael; Sanderson-Smith, Martina; Rice, Scott A.; McDougald, Diane
 2012Ajoene, a sulfur-rich molecule from garlic, inhibits genes controlled by quorum sensingPhipps, Richard Kerry; Shanmugham, Meenakshi Sundaram; Christensen, Louise Dahl; Jakobsen, Tim Holm; Gennip, Maria van; Alhede, Morten; Skindersoe, Mette Eline; Rasmussen, Thomas Bovbjerg; Friedrich, Karlheinz; Uthe, Friedrich; Jensen, Peter Østrup; Moser, Claus; Nielsen, Kristian Fog; Eberl, Leo; Larsen, Thomas Ostenfeld; Tanner, David; Høiby, Niels; Bjarnsholt, Thomas; Givskov, Michael
2023Associational resistance to predation by protists in a mixed species biofilmGoh, Yu Fen; Røder, Henriette L.; Chan, Siew Herng; Muhammad Hafiz Ismail; Madsen, Jonas S.; Lee, Kelvin Kai Wei; Sørensen, Søren J.; Givskov, Michael; Burmølle, Mette; Rice, Scott A.; McDougald, Diane
 2014Bacteria-triggered release of antimicrobial agentsKomnatnyy, Vitaly V.; Chiang, Wen-Chi; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas E.
2017Bacterial Biofilm Control by Perturbation of Bacterial Signaling ProcessesJakobsen, Tim Holm; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Givskov, Michael
 2012Beyond nutrition : health-promoting foods by quorum-sensing inhibitionGivskov, Michael
 2013Biofilm formation by Staphylococcus epidermidis on peritoneal dialysis catheters and the effects of extracellular products from Pseudomonas aeruginosaDavies, Julia R.; Pihl, Maria; Arvidsson, Anna; Skepö, Marie; Nilsson, Martin; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Svensäter, Gunnel
2015Biofilms of Pathogenic Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Targeted by New Therapeutic ApproachesAung, Thet Tun; Yam, Joey Kuok Hoong; Lin, Shuimu; Salleh, Shuhaida Mohamed; Givskov, Michael; Liu, Shouping; Lwin, Nyein Chan; Yang, Liang; Beuerman, Roger W.
2013Bis-(3'-5')-cyclic dimeric GMP regulates antimicrobial peptide resistance in pseudomonas aeruginosaChua, Song Lin; Tan, Sean Yang-Yi; Rybtke, Morten Theil; Chen, Yicai; Rice, Scott A.; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Yang, Liang; Givskov, Michael
2017A broad range quorum sensing inhibitor working through sRNA inhibitionStegger, Marc; Lorenzen, Frederik; Rybtke, Morten; Moscoso, Joana A.; Jakobsen, Tim H.; Warming, Anders N.; Vejborg, Rebecca M.; Andersen, Jens B.; Petersen, Rico; Andersen, Paal Skytt; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Filloux, Alain; Ingmer, Hanne; Givskov, Michael
 2012Bursting the bubble on bacterial biofilms : a flow cell methodologyCrusz, Shanika A.; Diggle, Stephen P.; Popat, Roman; Rybtke, Morten Theil; Cámara, Miguel; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Williams, Paul
2015C-di-GMP regulates pseudomonas aeruginosa stress response to tellurite during both planktonic and biofilm modes of growthChua, Song Lin; Sivakumar, Krishnakumar; Rybtke, Morten; Yuan, Mingjun; Andersen, Jens Bo; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Cao, Bin; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Yang, Liang
2021Carbon starvation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms selects for dispersal insensitive mutantsNair, Harikrishnan A. S.; Subramoni, Sujatha; Poh, Wee Han; Nabilah Taqiah Hasnuddin; Tay, Martin; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Kjelleberg, Staffan; McDougald, Diane; Rice, Scott A.
 2018CDy14 : a novel biofilm probe targeting exopolysaccharide PslKwon, Haw-Young; Kim, Jun-Young; Lee, Jung Yeol; Yam, Joey Kuok Hoong; Hultqvist, Louise Dahl; Xu, Wang; Rybtke, Morten; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Kim, Jong-Jin; Kang, Nam-Young; Yang, Liang; Park, Sung-Jin; Givskov, Michael; Chang, Young-Tae
2018Characterization of a novel multidrug resistance plasmid pSGB23 isolated from Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar SaintpaulDrautz-Moses, Daniela Isabel; Ding, Yichen; Zwe, Ye Htut; Chin, Seow Fong; Givskov, Michael; Schlundt, Jorgen; Yuk, Hyun-Gyun; Yang, Liang; Kohli, Gurjeet Singh; Schuster, Stephan Christoph
2023Characterization of TelE, a T7SS LXG effector exhibiting a conserved C-terminal glycine zipper motif required for toxicityTeh, Wooi Keong; Ding, Yichen; Gubellini, Francesca; Filloux, Alain; Poyart, Claire; Givskov, Michael; Dramsi, Shaynoor
 2013Clearance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa foreign-body biofilm infections through reduction of the cyclic di-GMP level in the bacteriaChiang, Wen-Chi; Wu, H.; Nielsen, T. E.; Christensen, Louise Dahl; Gennip, Maria van; Rybtke, Morten Theil; Alhede, Morten; Høiby, Niels; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
 2012Combination of microscopic techniques reveals a comprehensive visual impression of biofilm structure and compositionAlhede, Morten; Qvortrup, Klaus; Liebrechts, Ramon; Høiby, Niels; Givskov, Michael; Bjarnsholt, Thomas
2018Combination therapy strategy of quorum quenching enzyme and quorum sensing inhibitor in suppressing multiple quorum sensing pathways of P. AeruginosaFong, July; Zhang, Chaodong; Yang, Renliang; Boo, Zhao Zhi; Tan, Soon Keat; Givskov, Michael; Liu, Xue-Wei; Bin, Wu; Su, Haibin; Yang, Liang; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland