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2021Effectiveness of a brief positive skills intervention to improve psychological adjustment in patients with end-stage kidney disease newly initiated on haemodialysis : protocol for a randomised controlled trial (HED-Start)Griva, Konstadina; Chia, Jace Ming Xuan; Goh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Wong, Yen Peng; Loei, Job; Thach, Thuan Quoc; Chua, Wei Bin; Khan, Behram A.
 2021eHealth interventions to support patients in delivering and managing peritoneal dialysis at home: a systematic reviewCartwright, Emma; Goh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Foo, Marjorie; Chan, Choong M.; Htay, Htay; Griva, Konstadina
2021Managing cancer in context of pandemic : a qualitative study to explore the emotional and behavioural responses of patients with cancer and their caregivers to COVID-19Chia, Jace Ming Xuan; Goh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Chua, Zi Yang; Ng, Kennedy Yao Yi; Ishak, Diana; Fung, Si Ming; Ngeow, Joanne Yuen Yie; Griva, Konstadina
2023Singapore KneE osTeoarthritis CoHort (SKETCH): protocol for a multi-centre prospective cohort studyTan, Bryan Yijia; Goh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Lim, Chien Joo; Pereira, Michelle Jessica; Yang, Su-Yin; Tan, Kelvin Guoping; Tan, Alvin Chin Kwong; Liang, Phyllis; Abbott, J. Haxby; Briggs, Andrew M.; Hunter, David J.; Skou, Soren T.; Thumboo, Julian; Car, Josip
 2022Subjective cognitive complaints in end-stage renal disease: a systematic review and meta-analysisChan, Frederick H. F.; Goh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Zhu, Xiaoli; Tudor Car, Lorainne; Newman, Stanton; Khan, Behram A.; Griva, Konstadina
 2022Treatment-related decisional conflict in pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients in Singapore: prevalence and determinantsGoh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Chia, Jace Ming Xuan; Seow, Terina Ying-Ying; Choo, Jason Chon Jun; Foo, Marjorie; Seow, Pei Shing; Griva, Konstadina
 2023Using the actor-partner interdependence model to explore the psychological impact of COVID-19 on anxiety in dyads of patients with cancer and caregiversGoh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Ho, Ringo Moon-Ho; Ng, Kennedy Yao Yi; Chia, Jace Ming Xuan; Nur Diana Binte Ishak; Shwe, Than Than; Chua, Zi Yang; Ngeow, Joanne Yuen Yie; Griva, Konstadina