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2011Applying the ethnic rebellion model and risk assessment model to conflict in MyanmarCook, Alistair David Blair; Kaur, Manpavan; Gong, Lina
2022Australia-India Indo-Pacific Oceans initiative: regional collaborative arrangements in marine ecology in the Indo-Pacific baseline studyBrewster, David; Bergin, Anthony; Trajano, Julius Cesar; Gong, Lina; Sembiring, Margareth; Danda, Anamitra Anurag; Modak, Sayanangshu; Bose, Sohini; Chaudury, Anasua Basu Ray
2010Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies Year in Review 2010Li, Hongyan; Kaur, Manpavan Joth; Cook, Alistair David Blair; Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Ewing, J. Jackson; Gong, Lina; Hangzo, Pau Khan Khup; Durodie, Bill; Sofiah Jamil; Kuntjoro, Irene A.; Maeztri, Devin; Ong, Suan Ee
2021China–Southeast Asian nontraditional security engagement: a soft power mode in Beijing’s regional diplomacy?Gong, Lina; Li, Mingjiang
2021China’s disaster diplomacy in Southeast AsiaGong, Lina
2017China’s Efforts to Protect the SeasGong, Lina
2020China’s Emerging Disaster Diplomacy : What It Means for Southeast AsiaGong, Lina
2017China’s Pledge to Restore Blue SkiesGong, Lina
2019Combating Marine Debris : What After the Bangkok Declaration?Gong, Lina; Trajano, Julius Cesar Imperial
2020COVID-19 : is the humanitarian sector prepared?Gong, Lina
2021Humanitarian diplomacy as an instrument for China’s image-buildingGong, Lina
2021Humanitarian diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific : part IICook, Alistair David Blair; Gong, Lina
2018Laos Dam Collapse : The Regional ResponseGong, Lina
2019More Plastic Bags than Fish? East Asia’s New Environmental ThreatGong, Lina
2022Planetary health: an alternative framework for disaster governance in ASEAN?Nanthini, S.; Gong, Lina
 2021Security governance in East Asia and China’s response to COVID‑19Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Gong, Lina