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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20232D conjugated microporous polyacetylenes synthesized via halogen-bond-assisted radical solid-phase polymerization for high-performance metal-ion absorbentsLe, Hong Tho; Wang, Chen-Gang; Goto, Atsushi
2022Air-tolerant reversible complexation mediated polymerization (RCMP) using aldehydeMao, Weijia; Tay, Xiu Ting; Sarkar, Jit; Wang, Chen-Gang; Goto, Atsushi
2021Aqueous emulsion polymerizations of methacrylates and styrene via reversible complexation mediated polymerization (RCMP)Mao, Weijia; Sarkar, Jit; Peng, Bo; Goto, Atsushi
2018Biocompatible choline iodide catalysts for green living radical polymerization of functional polymersWang, Chen-Gang; Hanindita, Fiona; Goto, Atsushi
2019Carboxylate, nitrate, sulfonate, and phosphate catalysts for living radical polymerization : via oxygen-iodine halogen bonding catalysisMao, Weijia; Wang, Chen Gang; Lu, Yunpeng; Faustinelie, Winnie; Goto, Atsushi
2016Comprehensive Study on Chain-End Transformation of Polymer–Iodides with Amines for Synthesizing Various Chain-End Functionalized PolymersChen, Chen; Xiao, Longqiang; Goto, Atsushi
2022Dumbbell-shaped block copolymers for the fabrication of anisotropic soft actuatorsPan, Houwen Matthew; Chan, Jonathan Kai Bin; Sarkar, Jit; Goto, Atsushi
2019Effective synthesis of patterned polymer brushes with tailored multiple graft densitiesWang, Chen-Gang; Yong, Hui Wen; Goto, Atsushi
2023Fabrication of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane using modified thermally induced phase separation: the role of amphiphilic and hydrophilic non-solventsChen, Ningyuan; Zhao, Jie; Shi, Lei; Goto, Atsushi; Wang, Rong
2021Halogen-bond-driven supramolecular assemblies of quaternary-ammonium-iodide-containing polymers in three phasesLe, Hong Tho; Goto, Atsushi
2022LGB-stack: stacked generalization with LightGBM for highly accurate predictions of polymer bandgapGoh, Kai Leong; Goto, Atsushi; Lu, Yunpeng
2019Metal‐free fast azidation by using tetrabutylammonium azide : effective synthesis of alkyl azides and well‐defined azido‐end polymethacrylatesWang, Chen-Gang; Chong, Amerlyn Ming Liing; Lu, Yunpeng; Liu, Xu; Goto, Atsushi
2020Multistimuli responsive reversible cross-linking-decross-linking of concentrated polymer brushesSim, Xuan Ming; Wang, Chen-Gang; Liu, Xu; Goto, Atsushi
2022Networking of block copolymer nanoassemblies via digital light processing four-dimensional printing for programmable actuationPan, Houwen Matthew; Sarkar, Jit; Goto, Atsushi
2020Organocatalyzed living radical polymerization of itaconates and self-assemblies of rod-coil block copolymersHu, Keling; Sarkar, Jit; Zheng, Jie; Lim, Melania Yan Hui; Goto, Atsushi
2017Organocatalyzed Living Radical Polymerization via in Situ Halogen Exchange of Alkyl Bromides to Alkyl IodidesXiao, Longqiang; Sakakibara, Keita; Tsujii, Yoshinobu; Goto, Atsushi
2019Performance enhancement of ultrafiltration membrane via simple deposition of polymer-based modifiersTian, Miao; Wang, Rong; Goto, Atsushi; Mao, Weijia; Miyoshi, Yasuyuki; Mizoguchi, Hirotaka
 2018Photo-selective chain end transformation of polyacrylate-iodide using cysteamine and its application to facile single-step preparation of patterned polymer brushesChen, Chen; Wang, Chen-Gang; Xiao, Longqiang; Goto, Atsushi
2019A photo-selective chain-end modification of polyacrylate-iodide and its application in patterned polymer brush synthesisChen, Chen; Wang, Chen-Gang; Guan, Wenxun; Goto, Atsushi
2021Polymer coupling via hetero-disulfide exchange and its applications to rewritable polymer brushesSim, Xuan Ming; Chen, Chen; Goto, Atsushi