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 2021Atomic structure of the regulatory TGS domain of Rel protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its interaction with deacylated tRNAShin, Joon; Singal, Bharti; Grüber, Ardina; Wong, David Meng Kit; Ragunathan, Priya; Grüber, Gerhard
2019Effect of the additional cysteine 503 of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis (V583) alkylhydroperoxide reductase subunit F (AhpF) and the mechanism of AhpF and subunit C assemblingToh, Yew Kwang; Shin, Joon; Balakrishna, Asha Manikkoth; Kamariah, Neelagandan; Grüber, Ardina; Eisenhaber, Frank; Eisenhaber, Birgit; Grüber, Gerhard
 2012Structural architecture and interplay of the nucleotide- and erythrocyte binding domain of the reticulocyte binding protein Py235 from Plasmodium yoeliiGrüber, Ardina; Manimekalai, Malathy Sony Subramanian; Preiser, Peter Rainer; Grüber, Gerhard
2017Structural features of NS3 of Dengue virus serotypes 2 and 4 in solution and insight into RNA binding and the inhibitory role of quercetinManimekalai, Malathy Sony Subramanian; Grüber, Ardina; Joon, Shin; Matsui, Tsutomu; Weiss, Thomas M.; Grüber, Gerhard; Pan, Ankita; Saw, Wuan Geok
2015Structural insight and flexible features of NS5 proteins from all four serotypes of Dengue virus in solutionSaw, Wuan Geok; Tria, Giancarlo; Grüber, Ardina; Subramanian Manimekalai, Malathy Sony; Zhao, Yongqian; Chandramohan, Arun; Srinivasan Anand, Ganesh; Matsui, Tsutomu; Weiss, Thomas M.; Vasudevan, Subhash G.; Grüber, Gerhard
2018Structure and flexibility of non-structural proteins 3 and -5 of Dengue- and Zika viruses in solutionSaw, Wuan Geok; Pan, Ankita; Manimekalai, Malathy Sony Subramanian; Grüber, Ardina; Grüber, Gerhard