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2014Ambulatory measurement of 3-dimensional foot displacement during treadmill walking using wearable wireless ultrasonic sensor networkQi, Yongbin; Soh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon
 2023Automatic modulation recognition of dual-component radar signals using ResSwinT-SwinT networkRen, Bing; Teh, Kah Chan; An, Hongyang; Gunawan, Erry
 2012A Bayesian nonparametric approach to tumor detection using UWB imagingNijsure, Yogesh; Tay, Wee Peng; Gunawan, Erry; Yue, Joshua Lai Chong
 2023BP-based sparse graph list decoding of polar codesLiu, Han; Gunawan, Erry; Yaoyue, Hu; Guan, Yong Liang
2014Degrees of freedom of the three-user rank-deficient MIMO interference channelXu, Xiaoli; Zeng, Yong; Guan, Yong Liang; Wang, Chenwei; Gunawan, Erry
2015Distributed Transmission Probability Control in Fading Channel with State InformationXie, S.; Low, Kay Soon; Gunawan, Erry
2015A distributed transmission rate adjustment algorithm in heterogeneous CSMA/CA networksXie, Shuanglong; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay Soon
2014Estimation of Spatial-Temporal Gait Parameters Using a Low-Cost Ultrasonic Motion Analysis SystemQi, Yongbin; Soh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon; Thomas, Rijil
2019High capacity DNA data storage with variable-length Oligonucleotides using repeat accumulate code and hybrid mappingWang, Yixin; Md. Noor-A-Rahim; Zhang, Jingyun; Gunawan, Erry; Guan, Yong Liang; Poh, Chueh Loo
 2012Improving achievable rate for the two-user SISO interference channel with improper Gaussian signalingZeng, Yong; Gunawan, Erry; Guan, Yong Liang; Zhang, Rui; Yetis, Cenk M.
2013An impulse radio ultrawideband system for contactless noninvasive respiratory monitoringNijsure, Yogesh; Gunawan, Erry; Yang, Zhang; Guan, Yong Liang; Chua, Ai Ping; Wen, Fuxi; Tay, Wee Peng
2015Lower extremity joint angle tracking with wireless ultrasonic sensors during a squat exerciseSoh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon; Thomas, Rijil; Qi, Yongbin
 2012Modified block diagonalization precoding in multicell cooperative networksGuan, Yong Liang; Zeng, Yong; Gunawan, Erry
2019Optimized code design for constrained DNA data storage with asymmetric errorsMd. Noor-A-Rahim; Guan, Yong Liang; Shi, Zhiping; Gunawan, Erry; Poh, Chueh Loo; Deng, Li; Wang, Yixin
 2019Pilot design for BEM-Based channel estimation in doubly selective channelAnand, Kushal; Guan, Yong Liang; Liu, Xiaobei; Liu, Zilong; Yang, Yang; Zhou, Zhengchun; Fan, Pingzhi; Gunawan, Erry
2005Radio-frequency common-mode noise propagation model for power-line cableKamarul, A.; See, Kye Yak; So, Ping Lam; Gunawan, Erry
2018Source tracing of thunderstorm generated inertia-gravity waves observed during the RADAGAST campaign in Niamey, NigerAthreyas, Kashyapa Naren; Gunawan, Erry; Tay, Bee Kiat
 2013Transmit optimization with improper Gaussian signaling for interference channelsZeng, Yong; Gunawan, Erry; Guan, Yong Liang; Zhang, Rui; Yetis, Cenk M.
2007Ultra-Wideband (UWB) microwave imaging for breast cancer detectionSoh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay Soon
 2013Ultra-wideband real-time dynamic channel characterization and system-level modeling for radio links in body area networksMaskooki, Arash; Soh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon