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 2019Energy analysis and multi-objective optimization of waste heat and cold energy recovery process in LNG-fueled vessels based on a triple organic Rankine cycleHan, Fenghui; Wang, Zhe; Ji, Yulong; Li, Wenhua; Sundén, Bengt
 2018Experimental comparative evaluation of a graphene nanofluid coolant in miniature plate heat exchangerWang, Zhe; Wu, Zan; Han, Fenghui; Wadsö, Lars; Sundén, Bengt
2021Experimental study of large-temperature-range and long-period monitoring for LNG marine auxiliary based on fiber Bragg grating temperature measurementHan, Fenghui; Wang, Zhe; Zhang, Hefu; Wang, Dongxing; Li, Wenhua; Cai, Wenjian
2022Hydrogen refueling stations and carbon emission reduction of coastal expressways: a deployment model and multi-scenario analysisWang, Zhe; Wang, Dongxing; Zhao, Fan; Han, Fenghui; Ji, Yulong; Cai, Wenjian
 2019Large-scale flow measurements and analysis for radial inlets of industrial centrifugal compressors based on multi-hole probe systemHan, Fenghui; Wang, Zhe; Mao, Yijun; Zhang, Yiyun; Tan, Jiajia
 2023Life cycle framework construction and quantitative assessment for the hydrogen fuelled ships: a case studyWang, Zhe; Zhao, Fan; Dong, Bo; Wang, Dongxing; Ji, Yulong; Cai, Wenjian; Han, Fenghui
 2019Multi-objective optimization design and performance evaluation of a novel multi-stream intermediate fluid vaporizer with cold energy recoveryWang, Zhe; Cai, Wenjian; Hong, Wei; Shen, Suping; Yang, Huizhu; Han, Fenghui
2022Supercritical CO₂ power cycle and ejector refrigeration cycle for marine dual fuel engine efficiency enhancement by utilizing exhaust gas and charge air heatJiang, Yuemao.; Wang, Zhe; Ma, Yue; Ji, Yulong; Cai, Wenjian; Han, Fenghui