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2018Continuous real-time analysis of the isotopic composition of precipitation during tropical rain events : insights into tropical convectionHe, Shaoneng; Goodkin, Nathalie F.; Jackisch, Dominik; Ong, Maria Rosabelle; Samanta, Dhrubajyoti
2019Data descriptor : daily observations of stable isotope ratios of rainfall in the tropicsMunksgaard, Niels C.; Kurita, Naoyuki; Sánchez-Murillo, Ricardo; Ahmed, Nasir; Araguas, Luis; Balachew, Dagnachew L.; Bird, Michael I.; Chakraborty, Supriyo; Nguyen, Kien Chinh; Cobb, Kim M.; Ellis, Shelby A.; Esquivel-Hernández, Germain; Ganyaglo, Samuel Y.; Gao, Jing; Gastmans, Didier; Kaseke, Kudzai F.; Kebede, Seifu; Morales, Marcelo R.; Mueller, Moritz; Poh, Seng Chee; dos Santos, Vinícius; He, Shaoneng; Wang, Lixin; Yacobaccio, Hugo; Zwart, Costijn
2022Distinct chemical and stable isotope compositions of smectite formed during steaming of Clearwater Formation oil-sands from Cold Lake, AlbertaHe, Shaoneng; Longstaffe, Fred J.
 2019Nitrate sources and formation of rainwater constrained by dual isotopes in Southeast Asia : example from SingaporeLi, Cai; Li, Si-Liang; Yue, Fu-Jun; He, Shaoneng; Shi, Zong-Bo; Di, Chong-Li; Liu, Cong-Qiang
 2023Precipitation records of anthropogenic nitrogen pollution in two metropolitan cities of Southeast AsiaZhang, Kun; Liu, Xue-Yan; Song, Wei; Hien, To Thi; Wang, Xianfeng; Chen, Zhili; Hai, Ho Truong Nam; He, Shaoneng
2022Precipitation stable isotopic signatures of tropical cyclones in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines, show significant negative isotopic excursionsJackisch, Dominik; Yeo, Bi Xuan; Switzer, Adam D.; He, Shaoneng; Cantarero, Danica Linda M.; Siringan, Fernando P.; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank
2019Stable isotopes of clay minerals from autoclave tests of oil sands : implications for clay formation during steaming of Alberta Clearwater oil sandsHe, Shaoneng; Longstaffe, Fred J.; Zhou, Zhihong
2018Stable Isotopes of Precipitation During Tropical Sumatra Squalls in SingaporeHe, Shaoneng; Goodkin, Nathalie F.; Kurita, Naoyuki; Wang, Xianfeng; Rubin, Charles Martin
2023The strength, position, and width changes of the intertropical convergence zone since the Last Glacial MaximumYuan, Shufang; Chiang, Hong-Wei; Liu, Guangxin; Bijaksana, Satria; He, Shaoneng; Jiang, Xiuyang; Imran, Andi M.; Wicaksono, Satrio A.; Wang, Xianfeng
2021Understanding tropical convection through triple oxygen isotopes of precipitation from the Maritime ContinentHe, Shaoneng; Jackisc, Dominik; Samanta, Dhrubajyoti; Kho, Phyllis Yu Yi; Liu, Guangxin; Wang, Xianfeng; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank