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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Activatable cancer sono-immunotherapy using semiconducting polymer nanobodiesZeng, Ziling; Zhang, Chi; He, Shasha; Li, Jingchao; Pu, Kanyi
 2023Activatable immunoprotease nanorestimulator for second near-infrared photothermal immunotherapy of cancerXu, Mengke; Zhang, Chi; He, Shasha; Xu, Cheng; Wei, Xin; Pu, Kanyi
 2023Activatable near-infrared probes for the detection of specific populations of tumour-infiltrating leukocytes in vivo and in urineHe, Shasha; Cheng, Penghui; Pu, Kanyi
 2022An activatable polymeric nanoprobe for fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging of tumor-associated neutrophils in cancer immunotherapyZhang, Yan; He, Shasha; Xu, Cheng; Jiang, Yue; Miao, Qingqing; Pu, Kanyi
 2021Activatable polymeric nanoprobe for near-infrared fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging of T lymphocytesZhang, Yan; He, Shasha; Chen, Wan; Liu, Yinghua; Zhang, Xuefei; Miao, Qingqing; Pu, Kanyi
 2023Activatable sonoafterglow nanoprobes for T-cell imagingXu, Cheng; He, Shasha; Wei, Xin; Huang, Jingsheng; Xu, Mengke; Pu, Kanyi
2023Artificial urinary biomarkers for early diagnosis of acute renal allograft rejectionCheng, Penghui; Wang, Rending; He, Shasha; Yan, Pengpeng; Huang, Hongfeng; Chen, Jianghua; Shen, Jia; Pu, Kanyi
2022Catalytical nano-immunocomplexes for remote-controlled sono-metabolic checkpoint trimodal cancer therapyZhang, Chi; Huang, Jingsheng; Zeng, Ziling; He, Shasha; Cheng, Penghui; Li, Jingchao; Pu, Kanyi
 2021Charge-reversal polymer nano-modulators for photodynamic immunotherapy of cancerHe, Shasha; Li, Jingchao; Cheng, Penghui; Zeng, Ziling; Zhang, Chi; Duan, Hongwei; Pu, Kanyi
2022Checkpoint nano-PROTACs for activatable cancer photo-immunotherapyZhang, Chi; Xu, Mengke; He, Shasha; Huang, Jingsheng; Xu, Cheng; Pu, Kanyi
 2022Chemiluminescent probes with long-lasting high brightness for in vivo imaging of neutrophilsHuang, Jingsheng; Cheng, Penghui; Xu, Cheng; Liew, Si Si; He, Shasha; Zhang, Yan; Pu, Kanyi
 2022A dual-locked activatable phototheranostic probe for biomarker-regulated photodynamic and photothermal cancer therapyWei, Xin; Zhang, Chi; He, Shasha; Huang, Jiaguo; Huang, Jingsheng; Liew, Si Si; Zeng, Ziling; Pu, Kanyi
2023A dual-locked tandem fluorescent probe for imaging of pyroptosis in cancer chemo-immunotherapyWang, Xinzhu; He, Shasha; Cheng, Penghui; Pu, Kanyi
 2020Fluoro-photoacoustic polymeric renal reporter for real-time dual imaging of acute kidney injuryCheng, Penghui; Chen, Wan; Li, Shenhua; He, Shasha; Miao, Qingqing; Pu, Kanyi
2022Nanoparticles with ultrasound-induced afterglow luminescence for tumour-specific theranosticsXu, Cheng; Huang, Jingsheng; Jiang, Yuyan; He, Shasha; Zhang, Chi; Pu, Kanyi
 2020Near-infrared fluorescent macromolecular reporters for real-time imaging and urinalysis of cancer immunotherapyHe, Shasha; Li, Jingchao; Lyu, Yan; Huang, Jiaguo; Pu, Kanyi
2019An organic afterglow protheranostic nanoassemblyHe, Shasha; Xie, Chen; Jiang, Yuyan; Pu, Kanyi
2023Photoactivatable nanoagonists chemically programmed for pharmacokinetic tuning and in situ cancer vaccinationWan, Jianqin; Ren, Lulu; Li, Xiaoyan; He, Shasha; Fu, Yang; Xu, Peirong; Meng, Fanchao; Xian, Shiyun; Pu, Kanyi; Wang, Hangxiang
2023A polymeric extracellular matrix nanoremodeler for activatable cancer photo-immunotherapyZhang, Chi; Xu, Mengke; Zeng, Ziling; Wei, Xin; He, Shasha; Huang, Jingsheng; Pu, Kanyi
2023Polymeric STING pro-agonists for tumor-specific sonodynamic immunotherapyYu, Jie; He, Shasha; Zhang, Chi; Xu, Cheng; Huang, Jingsheng; Xu, Mengke; Pu, Kanyi