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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia: Religio-Political Fault Lines in Secular DemocraciesHedges, Paul
2022Antisemitism in Europe: should we worry?Hedges, Paul
2016The body(sattva) on the cross: comparative theological investigation of the theology of the cross in the light of Chinese Mahayana suffering bodhisattvasHedges, Paul
2017Challenging Islamophobia: Attitudes to Islamic ImmigrationHedges, Paul
2022Christian far-right extremism: theology & typologyHedges, Paul; Farrow, Luca
2022Christianity as the background music of Europe's far-right: fascism, identitarianism, antisemitism, and IslamophobiaHedges, Paul; Farrow, Luca
2016Comparative Theology and Hermeneutics: A Gadamerian Approach to Interreligious InterpretationHedges, Paul
2018Countering the Far-RightHedges, Paul
2018Encounters with ultimacy? : autobiographical and critical perspectives in the academic study of religionHedges, Paul
2016Fashion, Feminism or Freedom: Dissecting France’s Ban on BurkiniHedges, Paul
2020The global BLM movement : public memorials and neo-decolonisation?Hedges, Paul
2020Hagia Sophia : the meaning of Ottoman symbolismHedges, Paul; Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour
2020Hagia Sophia as mosque or museum : religion in a post-secular worldHedges, Paul
2015In Defence of Freedom of Speech and Against the Publication of Certain CartoonsHedges, Paul
2022Inside ICCS: building on success from 2019 to 2022Hedges, Paul
2019The International Conference on Cohesive Societies – How to Build Cohesive SocietiesHedges, Paul
2015The Islamisation of Europe: Myth or Reality?Hedges, Paul
2017Multiple religious belonging after religion : theorising strategic religious participation in a shared religious landscape as a Chinese modelHedges, Paul
2016Not a Religious War: Reacting to Killing of French Catholic PriestHedges, Paul
2019Plural Traditions in Plural Societies : Inclusivity in Inter-Religious DialogueHedges, Paul; Muez, Nursheila