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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The advent of a new way of war : theory and practice of effects based operationsHo, Joshua
2009Anti-piracy in Somalia: models for maritime security institutionsHo, Joshua
2009Australia's Force 2030: Preparing for the Possibility of World WarHo, Joshua
2008Combating piracy and armed robbery in Asia: boosting ReCAAP's roleHo, Joshua
2005An era of flux fluidity in the Regional Maritime EnvironmentHo, Joshua
2004Future challenges from the seaHo, Joshua
2006Global technology trends : 2020. 16 applications that could change the worldHo, Joshua
2006IMO-KL meeting on the straits of Malacca and Singapore : major maritime nations and stakeholders need to do moreHo, Joshua
2011Indian Ocean region : critical sea lanes for energy securityHo, Joshua
2010The Malacca Strait : will it continue to be safe?Ho, Joshua
2005Managing the peace-conflict continuum : a coast guard for SingaporeHo, Joshua
2006Marine war risk insurance : should the government be involvedHo, Joshua
2005Maritime air patrols the new weapon against piracy in the Malacca StraitsHo, Joshua; Ong, Graham Gerard
2005Maritime security and international cooperationHo, Joshua
2009The Northern Sea Route (NSR): A New Transit Passage between Europe and Asia?Ho, Joshua
2011The Northern sea route : is it really ice-free?Ho, Joshua
2011Opening of Arctic sea routes : turning threat into opportunityHo, Joshua
2004Operationalising the regional maritime security initiativeHo, Joshua
2009Piracy in the Gulf of Aden : lessons from the Malacca StraitHo, Joshua
2011Piracy in the South China Sea : lessons from Gulf of AdenHo, Joshua