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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Applying the theory of planned behavior and media dependency theory : predictors of public pro-environmental behavioral intentions in SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Liao, Youqing; Rosenthal, Sonny
2018Are photographs worth more than a thousand words? Examining the effects of photographic–textual and textual-only frames on public attitude toward nuclear energy and nanotechnologyLee, Edmund Wei Jian; Ho, Shirley S.
2016Audience Segmentation for Campaign Design: Addressing Climate Change in SingaporeDetenber, Benjamin H.; Rosenthal, Sonny; Liao, Youqing; Ho, Shirley S.
2016Can spiral of silence and civility predict click speech on Facebook?Pang, Natalie; Ho, Shirley S.; Zhang, Alex M. R.; Ko, Jeremy S. W.; Low, W. X.; Tan, Kay S. Y.
2020Care, competency, or honesty? Framing emergency preparedness messages and risks for nuclear energy in SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Kim, Nuri; Looi, Jiemin; Leong, Alisius D.
2017Climate change communication in SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei
2013The cognitive mediation model : factors influencing public knowledge of the H1N1 pandemic and intention to take precautionary behaviorsHo, Shirley S.; Peh, Xianghong; Soh, Veronica W. L.
2022Communicating the future of energy use: qualitative insights into the efforts of environmental groups in Indonesia, Malaysia, and SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Tan, Wenqi; Goh, Tong Jee; Tandoc, Edson C.
2013Communication and knowledge as motivators : understanding Singaporean womens perceived risks of breast cancer and intentions to engage in preventive measuresLee, Edmund Wei Jian; Ho, Shirley S.; Chow, Josephine K.; Wu, Ying Ying; Yang, Zixin
2018Communication, cognitive processing, and public knowledge about climate changeHo, Shirley S.; Yang, Xiaodong
2023Communication, social norms, and the intention to get vaccinated against Covid-19 - a cross-country study in Singapore and SwitzerlandGeber, Sarah; Ho, Shirley S.; Ou, Mengxue
2017Comparing cyberbullying perpetration on social media between primary and secondary school studentsHo, Shirley S.; Chen, Liang; Ng, Angelica Poh Ying
2020Comparing the knowledge gap hypothesis in the United States and Singapore : the case of nanotechnologyHo, Shirley S.; Looi, Jiemin; Leung, Yan Wah; Bekalu, Mesfin Awoke; Viswanath, Kasisomayajula
2021Complementary and competitive framing of driverless cars : framing effects, attitude volatility, or attitude resistance?Ho, Shirley S.
2018Complementary versus competitive framing effects in the context of pro-environmental attitudes and behaviorsDetenber, Benjamin Hill; Ho, Shirley S.; Ong, Adeline H.; Lim, Nigel W. B.
2022COVID-19Ma, Zexin; Nan, Xiaoli; Julia C.M. van Weert; Ou, Mengxue; Ho, Shirley S.
2019Development and validation of a parental social media mediation scale across child and parent samplesHo, Shirley S.; Lwin, May Oo; Chen, Liang; Chen, Minyi
2024Does knowledge make a difference? Understanding how the lay public and experts assess the credibility of information on novel foodsOu, Mengxue; Ho, Shirley S.
2019Does media exposure relate to the illusion of knowing in the public understanding of climate change?Yang, Xiaodong; Chen, Liang; Ho, Shirley S.
2020Driving without the brain? Effects of value predispositions, media attention, and science knowledge on public willingness to use driverless cars in SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Leow, Vetra Jing Xuan; Leung, Yan Wah