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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2023Aggressive formation tracking for multiple quadrotors without velocity measurements over directed topologiesLin, Jie; Miao, Zhiqiang; Wang, Yaonan; Hu, Guoqiang; Fierro, Rafael
2022Attack-resilient distributed convex optimization of cyber-physical systems against malicious cyber-attacks over random digraphsFeng, Zhi; Hu, Guoqiang
 2012Cloud robotics : architecture, challenges and applicationsHu, Guoqiang; Tay, Wee Peng; Wen, Yonggang
2022Composite optimization with coupling constraints via dual proximal gradient method with applications to asynchronous networksWang, Jianzheng; Hu, Guoqiang
 2023Composite optimization with coupling constraints via penalized proximal gradient method in asynchronous networksWang, Jianzheng; Hu, Guoqiang
 2020Continuous-time penalty methods for Nash equilibrium seeking of a nonsmooth generalized noncooperative gameSun, Chao; Hu, Guoqiang
 2020Distributed consensus-based multitarget filtering and its application in formation-containment controlZhang, Y.; Sun, L.; Hu, Guoqiang
 2012Distributed containment control of linear multi-agent systems using output informationHu, Guoqiang; Wen, Guanghui.; Zuo, Zhiqiang.; Zhao, Yu.
2021Distributed control of multizone HVAC systems considering indoor air qualityYang, Yu; Srinivasan, Seshadhri; Hu, Guoqiang; Spanos, Costas J.
2017Distributed economic dispatch control via saddle point dynamics and consensus algorithmsBai, Lu; Ye, Maojiao; Sun, Chao; Hu, Guoqiang
 2019Distributed Kalman filtering for time-varying discrete sequential systemsChen, Bo; Hu, Guoqiang; Ho, Danied W. C.; Yu, Li
2018Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking for generalized convex games with shared constraintsSun, Chao; Hu, Guoqiang
 2017Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking in multiagent games under switching communication topologiesYe, Maojiao; Hu, Guoqiang
 2021Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking with limited cost function knowledge via a consensus-based gradient-free methodPang, Yipeng; Hu, Guoqiang
 2022Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking: continuous-time control-theoretic approachesHu, Guoqiang; Pang, Yipeng; Sun, Chao; Hong, Yiguang
 2016Distributed nonlinear hierarchical control of AC microgrid via unreliable communicationCai, He; Hu, Guoqiang
 2020Distributed optimization for two types of heterogeneous multiagent systemsSun, Chao; Ye, Maojiao; Hu, Guoqiang
 2018Distributed robust hierarchical power sharing control of grid-connected spatially concentrated AC microgridCai, He; Hu, Guoqiang
 2019Distributed secure cooperative control under denial-of-service attacks from multiple adversariesXu, Wenying; Hu, Guoqiang; Ho, Daniel Wing Cheong; Feng, Zhi
2016Distributed Secure Coordinated Control for Multiagent Systems Under Strategic AttacksFeng, Zhi; Wen, Guanghui; Hu, Guoqiang