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 2020Biallelic NF1 inactivation in high grade serous ovarian cancers from patients with neurofibromatosis type 1Courtney, Eliza; Chan, Sock Hoai; Li, Shao Tzu; Ishak, Diana; Merchant, Khurshid; Shaw, Tarryn; Chay, Wen Yee; Chin, Felicia Hui Xian; Wong, Wai Loong; Wong, Adele; Ngeow, Joanne
2018A delayed diagnosis of Pallister-Hall syndrome in an adult male following the incidental detection of a hypothalamic hamartomaCourtney, Eliza; Swee, Du Soon; Ishak, Diana; Ngeow, Joanne
2021How practice setting affects family physicians' views on genetic screening: a qualitative studyFok, Rose Wai-Yee; Ong, Cheryl Siow Bin; Lie, Désirée; Ishak, Diana; Fung, Si Ming; Tang, Wern Ee; Sun, Shirley; Smith, Helen; Ngeow, Joanne Yuen Yie
 2021Investigation into the origins of an ancient BRCA1 founder mutation identified among Chinese families in SingaporeShaw, Tarryn; Chan, Sock Hoai; Teo, Jing Xian; Chong, Siao Ting; Li, Shao-Tzu; Courtney, Eliza; Ishak, Diana; Sankar, Haresh; Ang, Zoe Li Ting; Chiang, Jianbang; Loh, Marie; Zhou, Li; Lee, Soo Chin; Yeh, Hui-Yuan; Kolinjivadi, Arun Mouli; Lim, Weng Khong; Ngeow, Joanne
2021Managing cancer in context of pandemic : a qualitative study to explore the emotional and behavioural responses of patients with cancer and their caregivers to COVID-19Chia, Jace Ming Xuan; Goh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Chua, Zi Yang; Ng, Kennedy Yao Yi; Ishak, Diana; Fung, Si Ming; Ngeow, Joanne Yuen Yie; Griva, Konstadina