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2015Genome and transcriptome delineation of two major oncogenic pathways governing invasive ductal breast cancer developmentAswad, Luay; Yenamandra, Surya Pavan; Ow, Ghim Siong; Grinchuk, Oleg; Ivshina, Anna V.; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
2017Identification of common oncogenic and early developmental pathways in the ovarian carcinomas controlling by distinct prognostically significant microRNA subsetsKuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Tang, Zhiqun; Ivshina, Anna V.
2014Identification of two poorly prognosed ovarian carcinoma subtypes associated with CHEK2 germ-line mutation and non-CHEK2 somatic mutation gene signaturesOw, Ghim Siong; Ivshina, Anna V.; Fuentes, Gloria; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
 2014Meta-analysis of transcriptome reveals let-7b as an unfavorable prognostic biomarker and predicts molecular and clinical subclasses in high-grade serous ovarian carcinomaTang, Zhiqun; Ow, Ghim Siong; Thiery, Jean Paul; Ivshina, Anna V.; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
2015Sense-antisense gene-pairs in breast cancer and associated pathological pathwaysJenjaroenpun, Piroon; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Grinchuk, Oleg V.; Yenamandra, Surya Pavan; Ow, Ghim Siong; Ivshina, Anna V.; Motakis, Efthymios; Tang, Zhiqun; Yarmishyn, Aliaksandr A.
 2017Transposon insertional mutagenesis in mice identifies human breast cancer susceptibility genes and signatures for stratificationChen, Liming; Jenjaroenpun, Piroon; Pillai, Andrea Mun Ching; Ivshina, Anna V.; Ow, Ghim Siong; Efthimios, Motakis; Tang, Zhiqun; Tan, Tuan Zea; Lee, Song-Choon; Rogers, Keith; Ward, Jerrold M.; Mori, Seiichi; Adams, David J.; Jenkins, Nancy A.; Copeland, Neal G.; Ban, Kenneth Hon-Kim; Kuznetsov, Vladimir Andreevich; Thiery, Jean Paul