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 2012Co-motif discovery identifies an Esrrb-Sox2-DNA ternary complex as a mediator of transcriptional differences between mouse embryonic and epiblast stem cellsMistri, Tapan Kumar; Rahmani, Mehran; Woon, Chow Thai; Ng, Calista Keow Leng; Jauch, Ralf; Robson, Paul; Hutchins, Andrew Paul; Choo, Siew Hua
 2012The crystal structure of the Sox4 HMG domain–DNA complex suggests a mechanism for positional interdependence in DNA recognitionJauch, Ralf; Ng, Calista K. L.; Narasimhan, Kamesh; Kolatkar, Prasanna R.
2012Deciphering the Sox-Oct partner code by quantitative cooperativity measurementsPrabhakar, Shyam; Jauch, Ralf; Ng, Calista K. L.; Li, Noel X.; Chee, Sheena.; Kolatkar, Prasanna R.
2015DNA-mediated cooperativity facilitates the co-selection of cryptic enhancer sequences by SOX2 and PAX6 transcription factorsNarasimhan, Kamesh; Pillay, Shubhadra; Huang, Yong-Heng; Jayabal, Sriram; Udayasuryan, Barath; Veerapandian, Veeramohan; Kolatkar, Prasanna; Cojocaru, Vlad; Pervushin, Konstantin; Jauch, Ralf
2013Oct4 switches partnering from Sox2 to Sox17 to reinterpret the enhancer code and specify endodermNg, Calista Keow Leng; Herath, Wishva; Lili, Sun; Hutchins, Andrew P; Robson, Paul; Kolatkar, Prasanna R; Stanton, Lawrence W; Aksoy, Irene; Jauch, Ralf; Chen, Jiaxuan; Dyla, Mateusz; Divakar, Ushashree; Bogu, Gireesh K; Teo, Roy
 2014Sox transcription factors require selective interactions with Oct4 and specific transactivation functions to mediate reprogrammingAksoy, Irene; Jauch, Ralf; Eras, Volker; Chng, Wen-bin Alfred; Chen, Jiaxuan; Divakar, Ushashree; Ng, Calista Keow Leng; Kolatkar, Prasanna R.; Stanton, Lawrence W.
2013TherMos : estimating protein-DNA binding energies from in vivo binding profilesSun, Wenjie; Hu, Xiaoming; Choo, Siew Hua; Drechsel, Daniela; Guillemot, Franc; Jauch, Ralf; Prabhakar, Shyam; Lim, Michael H. K.; Ng, Calista K. L.; Castro, Diogo S.; Kolatkar, Prasanna R.
 2013A unique Oct4 interface is crucial for reprogramming to pluripotencyEsch, Daniel; Pogenberg, Vivian; Cojocaru, Vlad; vom Bruch, Hermann; Vahokoski, Juha; Groves, Matthew R.; Han, Dong; Drexler, Hannes C. A.; Araúzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Ng, Calista K. L.; Jauch, Ralf; Wilmanns, Matthias; Schöler, Hans R.