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 2023Are IT professionals unique? A second-order meta-analytic comparison of turnover intentions across occupationsZaza, Sam; Joseph, Damien; Armstrong, Deborah J.
 2019Are men better negotiators everywhere? A meta-analysis of how gender differences in negotiation performance vary across culturesShan, Wen; Keller, Joshua; Joseph, Damien
2012The career paths less (or more) traveled : a sequence analysis of IT career histories, mobility patterns, and career successSlaughter, Sandra A.; Joseph, Damien; Boh, Wai Fong; Ang, Soon
2018Career patterns in entrepreneurial, occupational and leadership dimensions : optimal matching analysis with multiple job rolesSetor, Tenace Kwaku; Joseph, Damien; Chan, Kim Yin
2021College-based career interventions : raising IT employability and persistence in early careers of IT professionalsSetor, Tenace Kwaku; Joseph, Damien
 2019IT WorkforceWiesche, Manuel; Joseph, Damien; Thatcher, Jason; Gu, Bin; Krcmar, Helmut
2016A longitudinal study of e-government maturityDas, Amit; Singh, Harminder; Joseph, Damien
2020Negative outcomes of ICT use at work : meta-analytic evidence and the role of job autonomyKarimikia, Hadi; Singh, Harminder; Joseph, Damien
2021Prototypical career paths in urban, suburban, and rural locations in the United StatesSetor, Tenace; Joseph, Damien
2015Turnover or turnaway? Competing risks analysis of male and female IT professionals’ job mobility and relative pay gapJoseph, Damien; Ang, Soon; Slaughter, Sandra A.
2020When agile means staying : a moderated mediated modelSetor, Tenace Kwaku; Joseph, Damien
 2012Work-life conflict and job mobility intentionsJoseph, Damien; Koh, Christine