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2016Adolescents' privacy concerns and information disclosure online: The role of parents and the InternetShin, Wonsun; Kang, Hyunjin
2022AI agency vs. human agency: understanding human-AI interactions on TikTok and their implications for user engagementKang, Hyunjin; Lou, Chen
 2022Beyond user control and two-way communication: the four-factor model of interactivity of wrist-worn smart devicesKang, Hyunjin; Oh, Jeeyun
2022Can the internet of things persuade me? An investigation into power dynamics in human-internet of things interactionKang, Hyunjin; Kim, Ki Joon; Wang, Sai
2016Differential responses of loyal versus habitual consumers towards mobile site personalization on privacy managementKang, Hyunjin; Shin, Wonsun; Tam, Leona
 2022Does humanization or machinization make the IoT persuasive? The effects of source orientation and social presenceKang, Hyunjin; Kim, Ki Joon
2021The influence of normative perceptions on the uptake of the COVID-19 tracetogether digital contact tracing system: cross-sectional studyLee, Jeong Kyu; Lin, Lavinia; Kang, Hyunjin
2020My avatar and the affirmed self : psychological and persuasive implications of avatar customizationKang, Hyunjin; Kim, Hye Kyung
2020Private information disclosure on the Internet of Things : the effects of tailoring, self-expansion, and power usageKang, Hyunjin; Kim, Ki Joon
 2021The smart wearables-privacy paradox : a cluster analysis of smartwatch usersKang, Hyunjin; Jung, Eun Hwa
 2022Teens' privacy management on video-sharing social media: the roles of perceived privacy risk and parental mediationKang, Hyunjin; Shin, Wonsun; Huang, Junru
 2021User engagement with smart wearables : four defining factors and a process modelOh, Jeeyun; Kang, Hyunjin
 2022What determines intentions to use mobile fitness apps? The independent and joint influence of social normsYeoh, Ryna; Kim, Hye Kyung; Kang, Hyunjin; Lin, Amanda Yujun; Ho, Alvin Daniel; Ho, Kai Feng