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2022All news is not the same: divergent effects of news platforms on civic and political participationKim, Nuri; Duffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Rich
2020Care, competency, or honesty? Framing emergency preparedness messages and risks for nuclear energy in SingaporeHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Kim, Nuri; Looi, Jiemin; Leong, Alisius D.
 2022Fake news, real risks: how online discussion and sources of fact-check influence public risk perceptions toward nuclear energyHo, Shirley S. ; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei; Kim, Nuri; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2018How the interplay of imagined contact and first-person narratives improves attitudes toward stigmatized immigrants : a conditional process modelIgartua, Juan‐José; Wojcieszak, Magdalena; Kim, Nuri
 2015How to improve attitudes toward disliked groups : the effects of narrative versus numerical evidence on political persuasionWojcieszak, Magdalena; Kim, Nuri
2018Intergroup contact in deliberative contexts : evidence from deliberative pollsFishkin, James S.; Luskin, Robert C.; Kim, Nuri
2018Intergroup contact through online comments : effects of direct and extended contact on outgroup attitudesKim, Nuri; Wojcieszak, Magdalena
2019The joint effects of imagined contact and similarity with the protagonist of testimonial messages through identification and transportationIgartua, Juan-José; Wojcieszak, Magdalena; Kim, Nuri
 2022Meeting of minds: narratives as a tool to reduce prejudice toward stigmatized group membersKim, Nuri; Lim, Cui Min
 2023The moral license of a click: how social observability and impression management tendencies moderate the effects of online clicktivism on donation behaviorKim, Nuri; Kim, Hye Kyung; Tan, Si Jin; Wang, Kelvin Wen Hsing; Ong, Kheng Hian
2022Nameless, voiceless, and helpless: visual framing of distant outgroups in online humanitarian appealsYeoh, Ryna; Kim, Nuri
 2020News : mobiles, mobilities and their meeting pointsDuffy, Andrew; Ling, Rich; Kim, Nuri; Tandoc, Edson C.; Westlund, Oscar
2020The presence of the protagonist : explaining narrative perspective effects through social presenceKim, Nuri; Kim, Hye Kyung; Wojcieszak, Magdalena; Igartua, Juan-José; Lim, Cui Min
2018Race of interviewer effects in telephone surveys preceding the 2008 U.S. presidential electionKim, Nuri; Krosnick, Jon A.; Lelkes, Yphtach
 2021The role of contact richness in mediated intergroup contact: a test of the contact space frameworkKim, Nuri; Chung, Myojung