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2017Benchmarking selected computational gene network growing tools in context of virus-host interactionsTaye, Biruhalem; Vaz, Candida; Tanavde, Vivek; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Eisenhaber, Frank; Sugrue, Richard J.; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian
2016Big data and computational biology strategy for personalized prognosisOw, Ghim Siong; Tang, Zhiqun; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
2018Complementary intestinal mucosa and microbiota responses to caloric restrictionDuszka, Kalina; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine; Ow, Ghim Siong; Defernez, Marianne; Paramalingam, Eeswari; Tett, Adrian; Ying, Shi; König, Jürgen; Narbad, Arjan; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter
2015Genome and transcriptome delineation of two major oncogenic pathways governing invasive ductal breast cancer developmentAswad, Luay; Yenamandra, Surya Pavan; Ow, Ghim Siong; Grinchuk, Oleg; Ivshina, Anna V.; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
2014HOXD-AS1 is a novel lncRNA encoded in HOXD cluster and a marker of neuroblastoma progression revealed via integrative analysis of noncoding transcriptomeSampath, Prabha; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Kurochkin, Igor V.; Yarmishyn, Aliaksandr A.; Batagov, Arsen O.; Tan, Jovina Z.; Sundaram, Gopinath M.
2017Identification of common oncogenic and early developmental pathways in the ovarian carcinomas controlling by distinct prognostically significant microRNA subsetsKuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Tang, Zhiqun; Ivshina, Anna V.
2014Identification of two poorly prognosed ovarian carcinoma subtypes associated with CHEK2 germ-line mutation and non-CHEK2 somatic mutation gene signaturesOw, Ghim Siong; Ivshina, Anna V.; Fuentes, Gloria; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
 2014Meta-analysis of transcriptome reveals let-7b as an unfavorable prognostic biomarker and predicts molecular and clinical subclasses in high-grade serous ovarian carcinomaTang, Zhiqun; Ow, Ghim Siong; Thiery, Jean Paul; Ivshina, Anna V.; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
2012p53-independent regulation of p21Waf1/Cip1 expression and senescence by PRMT6Phalke, Sameer; Mzoughi, Slim; Bezzi, Marco; Jennifer, Nancy; Mok, Wei Chuen; Thike, Aye Aye; Tan, Puay Hoon; Voorhoeve, P. Mathijs; Guccione, Ernesto; Low, Diana H. P.; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
2016R-loopDB: a database for R-loop forming sequences (RLFS) and R-loopsJenjaroenpun, Piroon; Wongsurawat, Thidathip; Sutheeworapong, Sawannee; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.
2014R-Loops in proliferating cells but not in the brain : implications for AOA2 and other autosomal recessive ataxiasYeo, Abrey J.; Becherel, Olivier J.; Luff, John E.; Cullen, Jason K.; Wongsurawat, Thidathip; Jenjaroenpoon, Piroon; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; McKinnon, Peter J.; Lavin, Martin F.
2015Sense-antisense gene-pairs in breast cancer and associated pathological pathwaysJenjaroenpun, Piroon; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Grinchuk, Oleg V.; Yenamandra, Surya Pavan; Ow, Ghim Siong; Ivshina, Anna V.; Motakis, Efthymios; Tang, Zhiqun; Yarmishyn, Aliaksandr A.
2023Stable bulged G-quadruplexes in the human genome: identification, experimental validation and functionalizationPapp, Csaba; Mukundan, Vineeth Thachappilly; Jenjaroenpun, Piroon; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Ow, Ghim Siong; Phan, Anh Tuân; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.