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2017Development of a multiphysics model to characterize the responsive behavior of urea-sensitive hydrogel as biosensorLi, Hua; Goh, K. B.; Lam, Khin Yong
2019Development of a novel fatigue damage model with AM effects for life prediction of commonly-used alloys in aerospaceZhan, Zhixin; Li, Hua; Lam, Khin Yong
2018Effects of salt- and oxygen-coupled stimuli on the reactive behaviors of hemoglobin-loaded polymeric membranesGoh, Kek Boon; Li, Hua; Lam, Khin Yong
2012Functionally graded shells subjected to underwater shockGong, Shi Wei; Lam, Khin Yong
 2023A model with contact maps at both polymer chain and network scales for tough hydrogels with chain entanglement, hidden length and unconventional network topologyYou, Hao; Zheng, Shoujing; Li, Hua; Lam, Khin Yong
2018Modeling of a fast-response magnetic-sensitive hydrogel for dynamic control of microfluidic flowLiu, Qimin; Li, Hua; Lam, Khin Yong
2019Modeling the dual oxygen- and pH-stimulated response of hemoglobin-loaded polyampholyte hydrogel for oxygen-pH coupled biosensor platformGoh, Kek Boon; Li, Hua; Lam, Khin Yong
 2018Optimization of deformable magnetic-sensitive hydrogel-based targeting system in suspension fluid for site-specific drug deliveryLiu, Qimin; Li, Hua; Lam, Khin Yong
2019Optimization of the cell microenvironment in a dual magnetic-pH-sensitive hydrogel-based scaffold by multiphysics modelingLiu, Qimin; Li, Hua; Lam, Khin Yong