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 2021American sign language recognition and training method with recurrent neural networkLee, C. K. M.; Ng, Kam K. H.; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Lau, H. C. W.; Chung, S. Y.; Tsoi, Tiffany
2020Cloud-based cyber-physical robotic mobile fulfillment systems : a case study of collision avoidanceKeung, K. L.; Lee, C. K. M.; Ji, P.; Ng, Kam K. H.
 2011Customer grouping for better resources allocation using GA based clustering techniqueHo, G. T. S.; Ip, W. H.; Lee, C. K. M.; Mou, W. L.
 2012A decision support system for procurement risk management in the presence of spot marketHong, Zhen.; Lee, C. K. M.
 2012Design and evaluation of an integrated inventory and transportation systemChen, Z. N.; Lee, C. K. M.; Ip, W. H.; Ho, G. T. S.
2020Design of a smart manufacturing system with the application of multi-access edge computing and blockchain technologyLee, C. K. M.; Huo, Y. Z.; Zhang, S. Z.; Ng, Kam K. H.
 2012Enhancing workplace safety with TRIZLee, C. K. M.; Kejenthiran Thanabalu; Chang, Danni
 2012An integrated framework for outsourcing risk managementLee, C. K. M.; Yeung, Yu Ching.; Hong, Zhen.
 2012Integrating analytical hierarchy process to genetic algorithm for re-entrant flow shop scheduling problemLee, C. K. M.; Lin, Danping; Wu, Zhang
 2012Managing reverse logistics to enhance sustainability of industrial marketingLam, Jasmine Siu Lee; Lee, C. K. M.
 2021Mathematical programming formulations for robust airside terminal traffic flow optimisation problemNg, Kam K.H.; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Lee, C. K. M.
 2012A real option theoretic fuzzy evaluation model for enterprise resource planning investmentYou, Chew Jian; Chen, S. L.; Jiao, Roger J.; Lee, C. K. M.
 2011RFID-based colored petri net applied for quality monitoring in manufacturing systemLv, Yaqiong.; Lee, C. K. M.; Chan, H. K.; Ip, W. H.
 2012Supplier evaluation and selection : a hybrid model based on DEAHP and ABCLee, C. K. M.; Zhang, Xiaojin; Chen, Songlin
 2020System dynamic modelling of patient flow and transferral problem in a mixed public-private healthcare system: a case study of Hong Kong SARLee, C. K. M.; Tai, W. C.; Ng, Kam K. H.