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2021Automatic classification of ICA components from infant EEG using MARAMarriott Haresign, I.; Phillips, E.; Whitehorn, M.; Noreika, V.; Jones, Emma-Jane; Leong, Victoria; Wass, S. V.
2023The design and development of instrumented toys for the assessment of infant cognitive flexibilityRamanathan, Vishal; Mohammad Zaidi Ariffin; Goh, Guo Dong; Goh, Guo Liang; Mohammad Adhimas Rikat; Tan, Xing Xi; Yeong, Wai Yee; Ortega, Juan-Pablo; Leong, Victoria; Campolo, Domenico
2019Do helpful mothers help? Effects of maternal scaffolding and infant engagement on cognitive performanceClackson, Kaili; Wass, Sam; Georgieva, Stanimira; Brightman, Laura; Nutbrown, Rebecca; Almond, Harriet; Bieluczyk, Julia; Carro, Giulia; Dames, Brier Rigby; Leong, Victoria
2019Emotional valence modulates the topology of the parent-infant inter-brain networkSantamaria, Lorena; Noreika, Valdas; Georgieva, Stanimira; Clackson, Kaili; Wass, Sam; Leong, Victoria
2023Learning at your brain's rhythm: individualized entrainment boosts learning for perceptual decisionsMichael, Elizabeth; Covarrubias, Lorena Santamaria; Leong, Victoria; Kourtzi, Zoe
2022Mapping early social development in rodents through the lens of interpersonal synchronyHam, Gao Xiang; Lim, Kai En; See, Wei An; Augustine, George James; Leong, Victoria
2022Measuring the temporal dynamics of inter-personal neural entrainment in continuous child-adult EEG hyperscanning dataHaresign, Marriott I.; Phillips, E. A. M.; Whitehorn, M.; Goupil, L.; Noreika, V.; Leong, Victoria; Wass, S. V.
2022Multimodal hyperscanning reveals that synchrony of body and mind are distinct in mother-child dyadsReindl, Vanessa; Wass, Sam; Leong, Victoria; Scharke, Wolfgang; Wistuba, Sandra; Wirth, Christina Lisa; Konrad, Kerstin; Gerloff, Christian
2023Parent-infant affect synchrony during social and solo playKidby, Sayaka; Neale, Dave; Wass, Sam; Leong, Victoria
2019Parent-infant neural connectedness and early learningLeong, Victoria
2023Potential cognitive and neural benefits of a computerised cognitive training programme based on Structure Learning in healthy adults: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialLiu, Chia-Lun; Cheng, Xiaoqin; Choo, Boon Linn; Hong, Min; Teo, Jia Li; Koo, Wei Ler; Tan, Janet Jia Yuan; Ubrani, Marisha Barth; Suckling, John; Gulyás, Balázs; Leong, Victoria; Kourtzi, Zoe; Sahakian, Barbara; Robbins, Trevor; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
2023A protocol for social interactive assessment of infant attention set-shifting between 12-24 months of ageTan, Xing Xi; Leong, Victoria
2021The role of affectionate caregiver touch in early neurodevelopment and parent-infant interactional synchronyCarozza, Sofia; Leong, Victoria
2017Speaker gaze increases information coupling between infant and adult brainsLeong, Victoria; Byrne, Elizabeth; Clackson, Kaili; Georgieva, Stanimira; Lam, Sarah; Wass, Sam
2023Synchrony in parent‐offspring social interactions across development: a cross‐species review of rodents and humansHam, Gao Xiang; Lim, Kai En; Augustine, George James; Leong, Victoria
2018Toward a neuroscientific understanding of play: a dimensional coding framework for analyzing infant–adult play patternsNeale, Dave; Clackson, Kaili; Georgieva, Stanimira; Dedetas, Hatice; Scarpate, Melissa; Wass, Sam; Leong, Victoria
2020Toward the understanding of topographical and spectral signatures of infant movement artifacts in naturalistic EEGGeorgieva, Stanimira; Lester, Suzannah; Noreika, Valdas; Yilmaz, Meryem Nazli; Wass, Sam; Leong, Victoria
2020Towards a personalized multi-domain digital neurophenotyping model for the detection and treatment of mood trajectoriesSela, Yaron; Santamaria, Lorena; Amichai-Hamburge, Yair; Leong, Victoria
2019“Tuning in” to your child during play and learning : the science of interpersonal neural synchronyLeong, Victoria