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2021A demand-side load event detection algorithm based on wide-deep neural networks and randomized sparse backpropagationLi, Chen; Liang, Gaoqi; Zhao, Huan; Chen, Guo
 2021Examining organizational, cultural, and individual-level factors related to workplace safety and health: a systematic review and metric analysisLee, Edmund Wei Jian; Zheng, Han; Aung, Htet Htet; Seidmann, Vered; Li, Chen; Aroor, Megha Rani; Lwin, May Oo; Ho, Shirley S.; Theng, Yin-Leng
 2023A heterogeneous time-tracking fusion and application to health evaluation of aerospace enginesChen, Zhenyi; Gao, Yushan; Zi, Yanyang; Zhang, Mingquan; Li, Chen; Xiao, Zhongmin
 2022Integrated optimization algorithm: a metaheuristic approach for complicated optimizationLi, Chen; Chen, Guo; Liang, Gaoqi; Luo, Fengji; Zhao, Junhua; Dong, Zhao Yang
2022JCBIE: a joint continual learning neural network for biomedical information extractionHe, Kai; Mao, Rui; Gong, Tieliang; Cambria, Erik; Li, Chen
2015Large Stokes Shift and High Efficiency Luminescent Solar Concentrator Incorporated with CuInS2/ZnS Quantum DotsLi, Chen; Chen, Wei; Wu, Dan; Quan, Dunhang; Zhou, Ziming; Hao, Junjie; Qin, Jing; Li, Yiwen; He, Zhubing; Wang, Kai
 2023MEGACare: knowledge-guided multi-view hypergraph predictive framework for healthcareWu, Jialun; He, Kai; Mao, Rui; Li, Chen; Cambria, Erik
 2022Meta-based self-training and re-weighting for aspect-based sentiment analysisHe, Kai; Mao, Rui; Gong, Tieliang; Li, Chen; Cambria, Erik
 2021Scalable combustion synthesis of graphene-welded activated carbon for high-performance supercapacitorsLi, Chen; Zhang, Xiong; Lv, Zhisheng; Wang, Kai; Sun, Xianzhong; Chen, Xiaodong; Ma, Yanwei
 2020Single-crystal SnSe thermoelectric fibers via laser-induced directional crystallization : from 1D fibers to multidimensional fabricsZhang, Jing; Zhang, Ting; Zhang, Hang; Wang, Zhixun; Li, Chen; Wang, Zhe; Li, Kaiwei; Huang, Xingming; Chen, Ming; Chen, Zhe; Tian, Zhiting; Chen, Haisheng; Zhao, Li-Dong; Wei, Lei
 2014Synthesis and characterization of organic dyes with various electron-accepting substituents for p-type dye-sensitized solar cellsYu, Ze; Weidelener, Martin; Powar, Satvasheel; Kast, Hannelore; Boix, Pablo P.; Li, Chen; Bach, Udo; Müllen, Klaus; Geiger, Thomas; Kuster, Simon; Nüesch, Frank; Mishra, Amaresh; Bäuerle, Peter
 2023Virtual prompt pre-training for prototype-based few-shot relation extractionHe, Kai; Huang, Yucheng; Mao, Rui; Gong, Tieliang; Li, Chen; Cambria, Erik