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20203-D distributed localization with mixed local relative measurementsFang, Xu; Li, Xiaolei; Xie, Lihua
 2020Adaptive resilient secondary control for islanded AC microgrids with sensor faultsLi, Xiaolei; Xu, Qianwen; Blaabjerg, Frede
2021Angle-displacement rigidity theory with application to distributed network localizationFang, Xu; Li, Xiaolei; Xie, Lihua
 2012A compact all fiber refractive index sensor based on modal interferenceWo, Jianghai; Sun, Qizhen; Li, Xiaolei; Zhang, Jiejun; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
 2023Distributed localization in dynamic networks via complex laplacianFang, Xu; Xie, Lihua; Li, Xiaolei
2012Dual-polarization DBR fiber laser sensor for liquid-level measurementShum, Perry Ping; Wo, Jianghai; Zhang, Jiejun; Sun, Qizhen; Dai, Yi; Li, Xiaolei; Xu, Zhilin; Liu, Deming
 2022Event-triggered coordination of multi-agent systems via a Lyapunov-based approach for leaderless consensusChen, Ci; Lewis, Frank L.; Li, Xiaolei
2014Improved location algorithm for multiple intrusions in distributed Sagnac fiber sensing systemWang, He; Sun, Qizhen; Li, Xiaolei; Wo, Jianghai; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
 2022Simultaneous localization and formation using angle-only measurements in 2DChen, Liangming; Xie, Lihua; Li, Xiaolei; Fang, Xu; Feroskhan, Mir
2012Simultaneous wavelength and frequency encoded microstructure based quasi-distributed temperature sensorLi, Xiaolei; Sun, Qizhen; Liu, Duan; Liang, Ruibing; Zhang, Jiejun; Wo, Jianghai; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
2018Spatial-temporal distance metric embedding for time-specific POI recommendationDing, Ruifeng; Chen, Zhenzhong; Li, Xiaolei