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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Adaptive rates of contraction of posterior distributions in Bayesian wavelet regressionLian, Heng
 2012Automatic variable selection for longitudinal generalized linear modelsLi, Gaorong; Lian, Heng; Feng, Sanying; Zhu, Lixing
 2012Bayesian quantile regression for single-index modelsHu, Yuao; Lian, Heng; Gramacy, Robert B.
 2011Bias-corrected GEE estimation and smooth-threshold GEE variable selection for single-index models with clustered dataLai, Peng; Wang, Qihua; Lian, Heng
 2012BOPA : a Bayesian hierarchical model for outlier expression detectionHong, Zhaoping; Lian, Heng
 2012Convergence of nonparametric functional regression estimates with functional responsesLian, Heng
2009Detecting macroeconomic phases in the Dow Jones Industrial Average time seriesWong, Jian Cheng; Lian, Heng; Cheong, Siew Ann
 2012Empirical likelihood confidence intervals for nonparametric functional data analysisLian, Heng
 2012Estimation by polynomial splines with variable selection in additive Cox modelsZhang, Shangli; Wang, Lichun; Lian, Heng
 2012Gaussian process single-index models as emulators for computer experimentsGramacy, Robert B.; Lian, Heng
 2014Generalized additive partial linear models for clustered data with diverging number of covariates using geeWang, Lan; Lian, Heng; Liang, Hua
2013Generalized additive partial linear models with high-dimensional covariatesLian, Heng; Liang, Hua
 2011Identification of partially linear structure in additive models with an application to gene expression prediction from sequencesLian, Heng; Chen, Xin; Yang, Jian-Yi
2013Letter to the editorHu, Yuao; Tian, Ye; Lian, Heng
 2012A note on conditional Akaike information for Poisson regression with random effectsLian, Heng
 2012A note on the consistency of Schwarz’s criterion in linear quantile regression with the SCAD penaltyLian, Heng
 2012On feature selection with principal component analysis for one-class SVMLian, Heng
 2017Quantile regression for additive coefficient models in high dimensionsFan, Zengyan; Lian, Heng
 2012SCAD-penalised generalised additive models with non-polynomial dimensionalityLi, Gaorong; Xue, Liugen; Lian, Heng
 2012Semiparametric estimation for inverse density weighted expectations when responses are missing at randomLu, Xuewen; Lian, Heng; Liu, Wanrong