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2018Active magnetic decoupling for improving the performance of integrated LCL-filters in grid-connected convertersLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Lin, Pengfeng; Tang, Yi
 2018Circulating currents suppression for IPOP nonisolated dc/dc converters based on modified topologiesXia, Yanghong; Yu, Miao; Peng, Yonggang; Lin, Pengfeng; Shi, Donghang; Wei, Wei
 2019Deadbeat predictive current control for modular multilevel converters with enhanced steady-state performance and stabilityWang, Jinyu; Tang, Yi; Lin, Pengfeng; Liu, Xiong; Pou, Josep
 2018A distributed control architecture for global system economic operation in autonomous hybrid AC/DC microgridsLin, Pengfeng; Jin, Chi; Xiao, Jianfang; Li, Xiaoqiang; Shi, Donghan; Tang, Yi; Wang, Peng
 2020Distributed event-triggered control for frequency restoration and active power allocation in microgrids with varying communication time delaysLian, Zhijie; Deng, Chao; Wen, Changyun; Guo, Fanghong; Lin, Pengfeng; Jiang, Wentao
 2020Distributed resilient control for energy storage systems in cyber-physical microgridsDeng, Chao; Wang, Yu; Wen, Changyun; Xu, Yan; Lin, Pengfeng
2018Exact speed tracking realization of the single shaft micro-turbine system via higher-order sliding mode observerSun, Yuge; Zhang, Chuanlin; Chen, Hui; Lin, Pengfeng; Xu, Xingchen
2017An integral droop for transient power allocation and output impedance shaping of hybrid energy storage system in DC microgridLin, Pengfeng; Wang, Peng; Xiao, Jianfang; Wang, Junjun; Jin, Chi; Tang, Yi
2017An Integral-Droop based Dynamic Power Sharing Control for Hybrid Energy Storage System in DC MicrogridLin, Pengfeng; Wang, Peng; Xu, Qianwen; Xiao, Jianfang; Inam, Ullah Nutkani; Choo, Fook Hoong
2018Magnetic integration of LTL filter with two LC-traps for grid-connected power convertersLi, Xiaoqiang; Lin, Pengfeng; Tang, Yi
2021Resilience-oriented control for cyber-physical hybrid energy storage systems using a semi-consensus scheme : design and practiceLin, Pengfeng; Deng, Chao; Yang, Yongheng; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin; Tay, Wee Peng
 2019A semi-consensus strategy toward multi-functional hybrid energy storage system in DC microgridsLin, Pengfeng; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Benfei; Wang, Yu; Wang, Peng
 2021Systematic study of short circuit activation on the performance of PEM fuel cellZhang, Caizhi; Liu, Hao; Zeng, Tao; Chen, Jiawei; Lin, Pengfeng; Deng, Bo; Liu, Fujian; Zheng, Yifeng
 2017Time-delay stability analysis for hybrid energy storage system with hierarchical control in DC microgridsDong, Chaoyu; Jia, Hongjie; Xu, Qianwen; Xiao, Jianfang; Xu, Yan; Tu, Pengfei; Lin, Pengfeng; Li, Xiaomeng; Wang, Peng